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Power of Common Sense:Sinking in Stink - a sh$t problem to have

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True African Stories: As reported by the Daily Sun on, Mon 19 Oct, 2009 Sinking, in stink! ????, and her crying baby, stand in sewage, that is flooding her shack some eastern Capetown ships, are sinking in 'shit' people in 'shacks' are suffering the most often sewage pipes, run from RDP. houses, and 'spread out' shits, at the shacks ???? in ???? townships, are 'hard hit' by the sewage crisis ????, age 38, ???? in ????, told Daily Sun: We have been sinking deeper in the shit over the past "ten years" sometimes the drain pipes are overflowing so badly, that we can't even "sleep" in our shacks we have to go look for shelter in a community hall we've asked the municipal many times, come and fix the problem, but it's just getting worse ???? said: The kids living in ?????, have 'bad sores', and a skin rash because they get in contact, with the shitty water - everyday our clothes and furniture, have been damaged by these 'cack', flowing into our shacks ???? complained recently the eastern Cape local government department admitted that only 'fourteen', out of twenty five municipalities have reached the 'required standard', of waste water treatment but the Nelson Mandela blame his municipality, said it's sewage system is in 'good' condition ???? from the municipality said: The problem is cause by people using newspaper, instead of toilet paper they also throw 'foreign objects', into the toilet, and then the drains get logged the problem is caused by people who use newspaper instead of toilet paper? toilet paper cost 'money' and these people are already 'struggling', simply to afford 'a shack' to live in and 'food' to eat the wide spread unsanitary, and undignified conditions, people are 'forced' to live in in this world, due to lack of 'money' is obviously, 'unacceptable' this is not 'the dark ages' it is perfectly possible, to give everyone equal support, 'clean' living conditions so that they can live 'in dignity', and be able to afford 'toilet paper' Those of us with more than enough money, take our comfort and cleanness for granted making 'spiteful' blame few remarks, about people who did not themselves, 'choose' to exist in poverty and yet so many of us have the 'nerve' and the ego, to call ourselves, 'compassionate' a 'true' active compassion, a true act of 'care', would be to give everyone equal money equal support, equal dignity, equal cleanness 'Whole township', flooded with 'shit'! causing children, to suffer from sores and 'skin rash', by no fault or choice of their own Answer me this: How is it, that in a world where a 'space program' exists? are such, unacceptable living conditions for human beings 'justify'? in common sense, the answer again, is self-interest and the fact that such stories are not reported, not given attention 'daily' in the mainstream media only proves, that we're "afraid", of facing our responsibility, for what 'we' as human beings, allow to exist in this world Stay tuned for more: True African Stories For discussion visit: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Oct 23, 2009


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