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La Tierra Habla -versión corta

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So much has happened on Earth in the history of humankind ... There has been great heroes and terrible wars. The cultures of the world are varied. And the customs of the people are very different from one place to another. Humans have explored new continents. Some get rich and others are poor. It is fascinating to think ... all events that have passed ... throughout history have happened in one place. All humans, cavemen, football players, astronauts, and all your ancestors have lived their lives in one place. All beaches, amusement parks ... friends, all the movies you've seen ... All your memories, happy and sad ... Have occurred in one place: Here... here... here... here. Perspective is something that helps us to compare, whether shapes and sizes, or ways of thinking and great discoveries. Does the Sun fit in your hands? Or is it bigger than an airplane? Does the Sun is not always round? We learn new things when we make comparisons. SETI is a company looking to compare things. Compare the Sun with other stars and compare Earth with other planets. And they wonder: Why are we different from other living things? Who are we? Where do we come? What makes us special? If there are living beings on a grain of sand ... Will there be living beings, just as small, on other planets? And they ask even more surprising questions. Are there other living things, as big as us? Many years ago, a famous astronomer, said: "With so many galaxies, stars and planets ..." "...How selfish we would be if we thought that there are no other inhabited worlds!" Could there be other beings who also think like us? Is it possible for others to see the stars and imagine their own constellations? Is it possible for others to wonder if we exist? If a being from other planet see us, Would he be afraid or would he think we are cute? All living things we know are made ​​of molecules. And all molecules are made of elements, ... and all elements are formed in stars. Water is a molecule and the oxygen we breathe is an element Astronomers say that stars are like "ovens"... that "cook" inside the elements that, eventually, could form the body of a living being. There are stars throughout the Universe, How amazing would be to find a living being from another planet! SETI can not assure us that other worlds are inhabited, but ... there is the possibility that they exist. SETI uses special antennas that receive thousands of radio signals. So far, all signals received ... come from the stars or our own planet. But, in SETI, are very attentive ... in case a signal arrives with an extraterrestrial message. Radio signals are very easy to do and travel as fast as light! So it would be the easiest way to communicate over long distances. The space that surrounds the Solar System ... already has many signs out of the earth; but few are the messages that have led to other species. At first, many thought the idea of living beings... in distant places were greatly exaggerated. But recently we've found living beings in places that we never would have thought: In the deep sea, ... inside volcanoes, ... buried under tons of ice, .... in pools of acid, and other places where oxygen does not exists, and there is no Sun light. Those are places where we can not live! Yet these beings are very comfortable there. These creatures have shown us that ... life is possible in very strange places! As the places that may exist on other planets. Our Sun is just a star ... in a galaxy that has more than 400 billion stars. There are many, right? and we have discovered that there are planets around other stars. How many planets could have life? Let's imagine that the Earth was the only planet with life in the galaxy ... and that there is only one inhabited planet by each galaxy. Anyway there are so many galaxies ... that we would have millions and millions of inhabited worlds! If you could draw on a single sheet of paper, a billion stars ... You know how many sheets of paper would be need to draw all the stars in the Universe? I have not counted them... but if we put one sheet over the other, making a paper tower, This tower would be so high that would be... 16 times higher than the Moon! We wonder, Are we the only inhabited planet? We do not know, but it's worth seeking out and pay a lot of attention What if you receive a message sent by beings from another planet? would you reply? And if so what would you say? This is the project "La Tierra Habla" of the SETI Institute, ... a way of sharing with others the message we would like to send ... to the inhabitants of other worlds, when we have the chance. This project is collecting messages from all over the world and if you want, you can participate! Your message can be a photo, a drawing ... or a greeting that you can write or record. And you can send it through the web site:

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Posted by: lcahuich on Aug 16, 2011

Descripción del proyecto "La Tierra Habla" del Instituto SETI

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