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Week On a Wednesday - Episode 1

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What's up guys this is the first of many to come For our Week on a Wednesday Series where we dive in behind the scenes Of what we did the previous week This week, we're gonna show you Behind the scenes of our trip to L.A. where we Interviewed three young entrepreneurs On their business endeavours The three being Aurora Boehme Hannah Frost Jewelry And Unrivialed Physique We sat down with them, interviewed them The interesting part is we got to find the story behind What got them into doing what they're doing. Our day started bright & early we hit the road at 3:30 We got to L.A. an hour before our first shoot We sat down with Aurora Boehme As soon we wrapped there we drove over to Hannah Frost We're out here with Hannah Frost Jewelry Learning all about gem stones and aqua marine and diamonds and quarts and it's just awesome She's talking about her business that she's started It's insane, crazy stuff going on I can't wait for you guys to hear more from Hannah herself and the upcoming promo video we're going to release for her I don't know what I'm saying, I don't know what to do with my hands Words are in my mouth, it's weird. And as soon as we finished that, We headed over to Unrivialed Physique and it was a day full of knowledge a little, mild chaos Mild chaos would sum up the day We ended up getting back to Las Vegas at 9PM And..rested up for superbowl sunday It was lit. That's..That's.. It was pretty lit? Yeah. Yeah it was a really cool time like each, every single person Was really really sweet & really nice Um, they had best of interests at heart and.. Yeah. It was really cool getting to know these people And hopefully turn out a really awesome video for them as well I'm really excited for you all to see the content that comes out of LA, like I said there be, or like we said there will be three videos Um, three different companies, so those won't be all released at once They'll trickle out on Mondays so make sure to be Following AdYoYo on YouTube and make sure to have those push Notifications so you know when we relea..when we release-Jesus. So you know when we release each video. The two main series we're focusing on right now are Businesses of the Future, where we release one new video everyweek on Monday And then a Week on a Wednesday and that's going to be released on Wednesday. They're really good videos go check them out! On YouTube at AdYoYo. Make sure to follow us on twitter and instagram at Official AdYoYo See you next Wednesday.

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Posted by: adyoyo on Feb 8, 2018

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