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... ... I am Albina Nikolaeva, a teacher of History and Social Studies. Right now I am at the Arts Museum. And I am being interviewed by these young man who came to visit us. They are interested in the history of Gulag, the Magadan highway and Khandyga. And I have been studying for many years and decided to share it with them. ... ... ... ... ... ... .... ... ... ... .... ... ... Hello, I am Albina Nikolaeva, a teacher of History and I have been interested in the history of Gulag and the Magadan highway for many years. I have written some works on on this theme. At the moment I am going to share about it. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... The history of Khandyga starts in 1939. Khamdyga is a place that is situated in the Sakha Republic and it was established in 1939. It was Mikhail Konstantinovish Karpov's initiative, who was a head of the road expedition. His task was to make a route that would reach Magadan. He did engineering survey and decided to build a road, well, not from a village Krest-Khaldjay but from Khandyga which he decided to start. Well... Khandyga now is a centre of the Tomponsly dictrsict and then there was no such place on a map. The settlement was established at the initiative of Karpov due to building of the Magadan highway. from Khandyga to Magadan. The engineering survey was carried out from both Khandyga and Magadan. And those 735 km of the Magadan highyway were started from Khandyga. And that point the starting point was established by Karpov. He got the approval from the government of the Soviet Union and started building the road. At the beginning they planned a railway then they altered it and they decided to go with an easier variant and build an auto-road. They construction was quite fast. They used the labour of prisoners who were sent there to build the road. They were brought there. At that time the development was taking place in the 30s and 40s and that's at the beginning of the war and the construction of the road from Khandyga to Khadykchan, 35 km of the Magadan highway, was carried out during the first year of war, in 1941. Well... The construction started in 1941 and that part of the road was built during a short period of time. And in 1944 the passage of vehicles started. Well... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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