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Putin-Russia-Globalism, Things that Alain Soral is not saying!

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Hello, this is a short video that will show you all the things that Alain Soral and "Egalité et Réconciliation" will not tell you. I don't know why he doesn't show these informations here? Maybe because it doesn't fit with the glorious image they want you to have regarding Putin. But, I think it's time to put it all in the open and to show them to you, for there are lots of things that Soral hides about Putin, which in fact, confirm what Pierre Hillard explains, that Putin is part of the globalist family. First of all, in full Ukrainian crisis, Henry Kissinger - everybody knows him - supports Putin in the Washington Post. This, "Egalité et Réconciliation" made sure not to talk about it, eh. Kissinger explains very well, what Pierre Hillard explained, that "Ukraine should not be a bone of contention between the East and the West, but a bridge between the two." In short, you get the picture! So, this, Soral didn't show it to you. Soral didn't show you as well that, Russia hired Goldman Sachs to improve its image, to foreign investors. Lots of people pointed out to this info here and thousands of French saw this information. So, we are many to understand what Pierre Hillard explains, except that Alain Soral hides all this, naturally, for he loves Putin, he admires Putin. Soral is dead wrong, but that's another topic. So, Russia hires Goldman Sachs to improve its image. Lloyd Blankfein, the Jew who runs Goldman Sachs, - you all know this guy - one of the worst crooks of U.S. banks, shaking hands with Dimitri Medvedev, they are good buddies. Putin decorated the CEO of ENI and Exxon Mobil groups. ENI is an Italian oil group and Exxon Mobil is the largest oil company in the world with Shell, which is the U.S. group of Rockefeller. So, Putin on June 21, 2013, decorated the CEO of Exxon Mobil, Rex Tillerson, knowing that Georges Soros is a shareholder of Exxon Mobil, as well as the Rothschild family, it is kind of ironical. You understand now the relation Putin has with these people. A little reminder: Exxon Mobil, created by John D. Rockefeller, we can see it here. So, it's this group, Exxon Mobil, which has among its shareholders the group State Street Global, Black Rock and all these American banks here. So we know who controls all these American multinationals. Now, Exxon Mobil started to drill for oil - not that long ago - in the Russian Arctic in partnership with Rosneft, a Russian public company controlled by Putin, another information which shows evidence of what we say here. Therefore, knowing that Georges Soros is a shareholder of Exxon Mobil, and that Exxon Mobil works with Putin in the Russian Arctic, to me it means a lot. Now, regarding the Eurasiatic Union that Putin created, well, the European Union is the model of this union. This too, Pierre Hillard said it. And it's the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Igor Chouvalov who confirms it in an interview in the newspaper Le Monde, he explains that the Eurasiatic Union is not at all a "new Soviet Union", but took as a model the European Union. So, it's a second European Union which is created. If you don't like the EU, how can you like this new Union, which is a copy of the EU? Another evidence that Soral will not show to you. But, let's continue... Now, Putin's friends. Putin, not that long ago, on June 3, 2014 welcomed his friend Sarkozy, then Silvio Berlusconi, this famous Italian leader, who played with whores and who we know is a great friend of the U.S. well, he is as well one of Putin's friends. Now, let's go deeper. We have Gerhard Schröder, former German Chancellor - a little reminder, he is the German Chancellor who signed the Germano-American Pact for the 21st Century, the Germano-American Alliance - well, Gerhard Schröder worked for the Rothschild's bank, he was after hired by Gazprom, Gazprom which is owned by whom? Putin! It's a Russian public company, which Putin controls. And Gerhard Schröder went to celebrate his 70th birthday with whom? With Putin! Not that long ago. So, do you start to understand? Schröder who signed the alliance with the U.S. for the 21st Century; Schröder who worked for the Rothschild's bank, the same Schröder who works for Gazprom and who celebrate his 70th birthday with his friend Putin in Saint-Petersbourg. So, you have here a summary of some of the informations that Soral and "Egalité et Réconciliation" doesn't show to you, but there is more than that, it goes deeper than that. There is another very interesting one: it's this famous rumor that the BRICS, Russia and China, wants to remove the US dollar from the world. Well, be aware that this too is part of the globalist oligarchy plan. They want to put the dollar and the euro down to replace them by an IMF international currency: the "Bankor". And guess who presented this currency during the G8, on July 10, 2009 in Italy? Dimitri Medvedev, Russian President at the time, Vladimir Putin's second in command. Medvedev explained perfectly well that it's the IMF who proposed him an international currency which is supposed to replace the U.S. dollar and the Euro at the next financial crash. So, this is the purpose that your Putinian-Russia will serve, to literally advance the globalist plan for a global governance. Translation and captioning didi18

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Poutine-Russie-Mondialisme, ce que Soral ne dit pas!

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