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to qualify for federal stimuls grants, schools will have to evaluate teacher performance based on student test scores. i can see a push to teach to the test that are doing authentic best practices things that we know to work well with students in general and language learners mostly in the negative direction i see it affecting us principals do come in and observe but but there need to be other systems put in place for observations as well from our coworkers i believe strongly in additional professional developmente for all professionals and we need oportunities to share what's really working i know that some people are trying to veiotape and having that to be a way of analyzing what teachers are doing in the classroom i think you need to do something cualitative to see how a teacher is performing the numbers and bubbles on the test only tell you so much they don't tell you about how the teacher is engaging the students they don't tell you much about the student themselves if they're learning what they're saying or if they are able to get excited about it you really need to go into classrooms and see what's happening because if a student can answer right in a bubble is a very limited skill that tells you how they test eager they are how good their english is and it depends on so many other factors our material's budget sis going down to a very low amount which means we wont even have the most basic supplies things for our projects or paper to make the copies that we need to do the math problems which we need students to practice to score on the test it becomes an awful cycle where the funding is cut and we're expected to get our students ready for these things that we don't even have the most basic supply to do that

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