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HOPE - DRC - Spiritual Integration

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"He asked Peter a third time, 'do you love me?' Peter was saddened. He said, 'Lord you know all things; You know that I love you.' Jesus said to him 'Feed my sheep.'" My name is Jolly Mawudila. I work for HOPE International as a loan officer. The loan officer is the one who goes and is in touch with the clients. Each day on my way to work, I feel compassion inside me. That compassion - that love - is what attracts me to my work. In Kinshasa poverty is a big problem. You can see and feel the smell of poverty. There is many signs around. Some of them will say: "Oh I'm doomed to die!" "I don't see a future for myself." "I don't see my hope, I don't see where I'm going." Without faith there is no hope. So there is a big place for evangelism now. HOPE International is not only concerned with the physical aspects of the person but the spiritual aspect as well. My name is Leonnie. I am a mother of four children. I started with two plantain stalks and only twelve dollars. People really see tangible acts of love through HOPE's staff. and they see Jesus through that. HOPE really welcomed me and treated me like a person of value. We are bringing something that they need right now. And then they ask you: "Why are you doing this?" "I'm a Christian. It's because of the love of Christ which pushes me to come to you." I always enjoy when I see clients who I work with understand the Word of God and put it into practice. Truly, my Christian walk has grown. I really give thanks to HOPE because I was like an orphan. HOPE is like a father who came to save his children, fighting poverty with his bare hands. We are bringing the message of the gospel within what people need. it's just a holistic approach. People in this country, they have their own hopes, their own dreams. This is an opportunity to show what Christianity really is. HOPE International touches hearts and transforms lives.

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Posted by: hopeintl on Feb 4, 2010

Spiritual Integration is at the core of HOPE International's approach to Christ-centered microfinance.

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