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Paul McCartney

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I was always frightened of classical music, and I never wanted to listen to it because it was Beethoven and Tchaikovsky and sort of big words like that and Schoenberg. And you know I always thought... I mean sort of like a taxi driver the other day he said... he had some sheet music of a Mozart thing, and I said "what's that?" you know, and he said,"oh" he said, "oh, that's the high class stuff. You won't like that." He said, " No, no. You won't like that." And I said, " Well, what is it ?" you know. He said, "Oh, no. You won't like it. You know , it's high class , that. It's very high class. Highbrow." And -uh- that kind of way, I always used to think of it. I used to think, " Well, you know, that is...that's very clever all that stuff. And it isn't, you know. It's exactly what's going on in pop at the moment. Pop music is the classical music of now. People just take our music and ... you know ... in a line,and we just sort of say,uh, "She was just seventeen." And they just... they read everything into that, you know. They say, " she was a seventeen-year-old nymphomaniac working on the streets of Broadway." But, you know, what we meant is just she's seventeen. But it might mean all the other as well. I don't know , you know. I have no idea if there is any Aeolian cadences and, you know, myasmic climaxes or what -- and all of that. And we are the last people to know about all of our songs, because the pop world never heard the pop world as such, ' cause we can't , you know , it's like if you look at a snapshot of yourself , you are looking at what tie you were wearing , or whether you were looking nice in the snapshot , you know. But anyone else would just take the snapshot and say, "oh, that's good.That's a snapshot of Tony last night ... We really just always think of ourselves as just happy little songwriters. Just little rockers, you know. Just playing in a rock group. But it gets more important than that after you've been over to America and you've got noted. And when we were touring, and when it was sort of the peak of hysteria, instead of just thinking you know, " that's nice" we could have just thought, " Aha, click, you know, let's use this, and for evil" --you know. But, there's no desire in any of our heads to sort of take over the world, you know. That was Hitler. That's what he wanted to do. There is, however, a desire to get power in order to use it for good. You got power. You gotta use it for the good. 'Cause like everyone else, we read the papers. We go through all the things that most people go through. So if everyone wants to say a thing at a certain time, it's handy being a songwriter, you know. You can put your finger on it. Like a yellow submarine. You know, that ...just look to that.

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Posted by: greenbo on Jun 24, 2010

Beatles member Paul McCartney is interviewed by BBC

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