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Most people are afraid of fire. It is not our goal to extinguish fires. We want to prevent them from starting in the first place. For over 25 years now, we have been helping architects, developers and investors to plan and design buildings, secure them and keep them safe. At 6 locations in Germany, Europe and worldwide, our 200 employees have successfully carried out over 10,000 projects. For us, IT is a business resource, not a cost element. We use our IT to develop and run digital value creation processes. That means we harness Microsoft data centers and the cloud to build safe buildings all over the world. The cloud allows us to do things that would be impossible otherwise. That was our main reason to migrate. Of course the cloud offers financial advantages. But most importantly, it allows us to run several simulations at the same time, to calculate several alternatives simultaneously and to access a virtually unlimited resource pool. The cloud also enables us to respond flexibly to customer needs. Using a cloud platform is one thing. Migrating your data onto it is another. We need a dedicated connection to transfer our data securely into the cloud and process it there. The partner who helped us to achieve this is Colt. There are three key reasons why we chose Colt. 1. Bandwidth: With this solution, we can transfer extremely large data volumes to the cloud and back at very high speed. 2. Security: The infrastructure helps us to transfer our data into the cloud and make sure that no one else can access them. 3. Dedicated Connections: We do not want to send our data over the public internet. Instead, we want to use a connection that was provided exclusively for us. We all are living in a rapidly evolving world. In the era of digital transformation, every organisation is trying to make its very own digital economic miracle come true. The partnership with Colt allows us to discuss important questions on equal terms. Questions like “What will our future network infrastructures look like?” “How do we get the best access to the best providers?” Thanks to Colt and Microsoft, HHP Berlin can make the world of tomorrow sustainably safe.

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