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Salbuchi - Second Republic Project - Pillar 5 - RETURN TO TRADITIONAL VALUES

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Hello. Adrian Salbuchi once again. This is the fifth pillar for founding a Second Republic. And it refers, or I have given it a title "Returning to Traditional Values". It means putting things right side up again in every country in the world - yours and mine. Finance - the world of virtual money should serve the real economy which is the world of work, toil, creativity, effort, usuful things. The economy should be subordinated to a political plan executed by sovereign nation-state, a second republic. That political plan must underscore and respect culture. I'll give you an example. In Argentina, the political system should respect that our culture has us having a barbecue just about every Sunday which means in Argentina it's legal to kill cows and eat them. In India, the Indian State can not accept that cows be slain because caws are sacred according to their cultural religion. So it's two states - one in Argentina, one in India doing two different things because they each have to respect the cultural values and religious values of their respective countries. Which is right, which is wrong? Both are right. Period. Because they are both doing what their own local cultures require. And culture, I believe, should abide by an instinct for the transcendental. You may call that God, you may call it Jesus, you may call it Buddha, you may call it whatever you want to call it. But it is that instinct, that intuition that there is a superior cosmic order, not immediately visible to the eye which when we are aligned to it, believe in it, then that gives true significance to all actions, human actions, whether they be individual or collective. Why are we in such, such trouble, because today we have exactly the opposite. Finance completely swams and controls the economy. The economy perversely allows organizations and individuals that will pay politicians, politicians will then destroy the nation, thereby destroy culture and we have such a loss of cultural values that there is no room in it for anything transcendental. Freedom of religion, freedom of creed, rights, yes, that might be necessary, and it is necessary in most countries, but not any madness. The New world order, psychological warfare, is advancing gradually into our brains. Psychological warfare is the name of their game. So, I will say it outright. No matter what our technological and scientific breakthroughs of the modern day, we must not throw away ten thousand years of culture We can not throw away ten thousand years of civilization and experience which means putting things right side up again. Finance subordinated to the economy, the economy subordinated to a political plan from a sovereign nation-state which has the common good and the national interest as its main focus a political plan subordinated, and serving a culture of the specific nation and that culture serving or aligning with, or aligning to the transcendental. God if you want. I'll give you two examples which are very much in the world news media, and certainly in my country. The first one is abortion. In Argentina there is a strong movement to legalize abortion. Now, think of it. Let's use our common sense. We are a totally underpopulated country. We are 40 million people in Argentina in a territory that is five times larger than France. We don't need 40 million people, we need 240 million people. So, I am anti-abortion personally, amongst other things, for geopolitical reasons: because I want to populate Argentina with Argentines. We need to found 1000 new townships and cities. We need to give all our 20-year olds and 22-year olds the chance of having six, seven, eight kids with good housing, good jobs, good education, and good health down in Patagonia, not in Buenos Aires, but in Patagonia, way two, three thousand kilometers down there, and give them the chance for a dignant, a dignified life. So, I am anti-abortion completely for geopolitical reasons. Besides, and this is more personal, abortion, I believe, is a crime. When does a person become a person? At conception? After three months pregnancy? Six months, may be? Nine months, may be? At birth? When giving a birth certificate? In the cosmic mystery of life a person is a person at conception. Period. And take the second example I want to give. Militant gay movements. What people do behind the privacy of their bedrooms and behind close doors, is their own business. Certainly, not yours, not mine, not the state's. Whether somebody is heterosexual, homosexual, transexual, or whatever, the problem is private. Now.. The great mist if it is done when the private intrudes upon the public when the media put all these other lifestyles on TV screen for all to see, our kids included. It's gay minority militancy that goes against mojority normalcy rights, that's the problem. What happens with the minority imposes and intrudes upon the majority Gays have every right to be gay. But gays do not have any right to be militant about it in front of our 7-year olds, 10-year olds, 13- and 15- year olds who see it on TV and which is promoted as just another democratic right. In Argentina, we have this whole thing as being promoted by the corrupt Kirchner government who are promoting gay marriage. And think of it. "Marriage". That's another 10 000-year old human institution. And it has a biological basis - like it or not: man, woman, children. If it didn't work in that way, you wouldn't be there watching me, I wouldn't be here speaking. It's a human institution that does not belong to the Argentine legal system. It does not belong to the currupt Kirchners, It does not belong to Obama's Democrats, or to the Labour Party in Britain. It belongs to mankind. No one has a right to usurp the institution of marriage, gays included. If gays wish, they should invent, invent a totally new institution for gays and their legal rights. They cannot just steal the heterosexual institution of marriage and twist it to their own needs. They should do their homework. They should come up with a new institution that does not infringe on the rights of the normal heterosexual couple, of the normal heterosexual family. Now Argentina has both militancies: Abortion and gay rights backed up by the currupt Kirchner government and the local media. Both are population limiting. Isn't that strange? At a time of a global power elite has very distinct appetite over Argentina's Patagonia what do they do, what does the media do? They militantly promote gay movements, and they militantly promote abortion both of which limit populations. Am I seeing something here? The State must ensure that the private sphere is fully respected within the law. But the State must also ensure that the private sphere whether coprorations or media, or gay/abortion right militants do not infringe and damage the public sphere, the common good. For that, for all that I am saying, you need to have your values in the right order. You need to have your priorities well-placed. You need to have common wisdom and bring common sense to their proper place once again. You need to think with your own mind. and not take for good whatever the New York Times or Fox, or CNN says, or whatever Reuters or the Wall Street Journal, and the Hollywood PSYOPS corporations, or Time, or Los Angeles Times, or Oprah Winfrey would say; what the Anti-Defamation Leage, what the Zionist organization, what the CFR and the Trilateral Commission think-tanks order you to think is not normally to the benefit of the common good. My friends, this is the Second Republic. What I described in this videos are the five pillars: Restore the Sovereign Nation-State, Recover Sovereign Currency, Reject the Public Debt System Reinvigorate Republican Institutions, Return to Traditional Values Systems. Each of these pillars is a declaration of war against the global power elite. They are watching me now, and I know they are not smiling. Worse. They are probably already scheming and planning. My friends, this is war. Let's start working in each country, in each state, province, in each county, city, township, neighbourhood, on each block. Start spreading the word, awakening people. Start working for your Second Republic which means fighting back to take your country back once again. Share all these videos, please, with your neighbours, with your family, with your friends, with our colleagues, knock on the media's door, work locally, think globally. Spread the word around We don't have that much time. Set up Second Republic groups in your town, write to me if you like, I'm here to help. Ensure we get this message out to the public because it is a message based on common sense, that's all, this is no rocket science, this is just common sense. It's the quality of life that counts, not the number of years that you live or loaf around on this third planet from the sun. Once again, the Age of the Hero is drawing near. Once again, it's 'Give me liberty, or give me death" that counts.

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5th Pillar: “RETURN TO TRADITIONAL VALUES” – Last but not least, True Sovereignty is always Personal Sovereignty. Which means, we can only rebuild our nations, recover our lost freedoms and put things back in order, once we ourselves become living examples of True Values and we get our own priorities right. Once we are properly and solidly on our own two feet, can we help neighbours, family, colleagues, friends – the entire country – to get back on its feet…

Our societies have been placed up-side down; it’s now up to us to put them right-side up again…

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