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Duel Interview Edit_1

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I think when you pray Thy Kingdom Come, you give the opportunity for everything to change. For me, as I say that, I relinquish any control on what's going to happen next. I relinquish the ability to decide what's coming and I come open-handed to the Lord and say, would your Kingdom come in this place, and would you change everything. And for me it's that moment of submission that many of us in the Western church need to do more. We're very good at saying my terms and conditions, my abilities, my kingdom – my package, my whatever it might be. But to say Thy Kingdom Come, to me, is the ultimate picture of being open-handed and saying, Lord, whatever you want to do with what's going on here. I think of the little boy taking his packed lunch to Jesus at the feeding of the 5,000. And I think of that little boy being the only one who was open handed enough to say, what I've got is nothing, but I give it to you – Thy Kingdom Come with this. And for me, as I pray that - – I simply say, especially as an evangelist I say – Lord, I can't do any of this, but I'll bring the little I've got in my hands, hold it before you and say, with this, please, thy Kingdom come. I think for me, very similar on those, but the first thing for me I think is, when I pray that it helps me to remember that actually, the whole thing, thy Kingdom – I'm praying to the King of kings, who is over all and everything. And, just through recent life issues and everything else, the one thing I struggle with sometimes to get my head round is the fact that God is sovereign over all – not a little bit of it, but over all, the good, the bad, the ugly. But when we pray thy Kingdom come, I'm acknowledging him as king of kings, he's sovereign over everything. I think that’s... there are two things that are very striking in those comments, first of all, everything changes. You know, in all the conversations we've had about that line of the prayer people have used words like change, transformation – that's the key thing. Then when we pray thy Kingdom come, we're not praying for things to be a little bit different. We're talking about the transformation of all things, of creation itself. It's an incredible prayer. But also that other thing, you're suggesting that it can be a prayer that comes out of a very bad place. And I've been just recently in my own personal devotional Bible study looking at the Psalms and the honesty of the psalmist saying God you're in charge – exactly what you said – you're sovereign over everything – but by the way, this is a pretty bad place to be. [help, help me, yeah] And in one of the Psalms where he says, are you asleep? You know, there's real pain and anger and agony. And I think sometimes people think, Oh gosh I've got to be in the right place to pray this prayer. And we don't. What happens to us when we pray thy kingdom come? Hum... your turn to go first this time [they laugh] A double act. Erm, I think there's a huge responsibility that comes in for us because when we pray that as we've said, my personal responsibility is, I think first of all just to believe it If I don't believe it, I'm only paying lip service to it. So the first bit is to get past it and to believe it with my head and my heart and my spirit. Because I've got to believe that what I've just said, you know I'm coming to the King of kings that I'm opening everything to Him to ask him, to saying thy Kingdom come in everything I want, I'm giving up on my everything to follow him. So my duty has got to be, I've got to be willing to do that. So there's got to be a willingness in my spirit to make sure I'm in that place to do that, and there's a whole journey there that takes you to that point. Certainly, and I think you mentioned heart and you mentioned head, but God also gave us hands. And I think without wanting to sound too much like an activist evangelical for a moment, when we pray thy Kingdom come, we are saying, actually, Lord, your Kingdom come, your will be done here, you not me. But at the same time He's given me hands and an ability to play my part in that. And I think we need to work hard on what we do have in order to bring glory to God through that. And so in that moment yes, I'm saying, over to you, Lord, with the destination. But I want to walk with you, I don't want to be a passenger in this. Because God, you gave me a heart that wants to love you, you gave me a head that wants to know you better, but you gave me hands as well, that I want to serve you with. Hum, it’s, I think that's really one of the key things, and I think one of the challenges for the Church in this land is, how do we move from talking about prayer to praying? Well, that's what we're trying to do through Thy Kingdom Come. And how do we move for instance, from praying for people to come to know and love Jesus Christ, to become His disciples, to becoming those who take our courage in both hands and are willing to witness to our own faith in Christ. I became a Christian in that room which I was back in the morning because someone was willing to take the risk of sharing with me. Extraordinary thing. And he was a new Christian himself. He didn't know the answers. But he knew something about Jesus. I think in me there's a desire to see us get braver in our invitation. I think too often we're scared people will say no and we don't ask. I know for me whenever I speak anywhere I give the opportunity for people to follow Jesus. Why? Because if there is someone – without being silly here – I take a similar approach to when I was a teenage lad and I met a pretty girl. I assumed she'd say no, but on the outside chance she might say yes I asked her. You know, in many ways, in our lives, are we making talking about Jesus normal? And then when we invite are we giving people the opportunity to meet Jesus? Because I am so delighted Thy Kingdom Come's happening and so many prayers being going to this area, and let's be honest if we do one thing we should pray, but as well as the prayer, there needs to be an infusion of boldness that sees us going more out on a limb for Jesus and being prepared to be defined by whose we are, not who we are as we seek to see people meet Him for themselves. [ABC: Not least, there's always a voice in us saying, you're not fit to talk about Jesus] [ABC: But if we belong to Jesus, we are. ] One thing Gavin said the other day, when we were talking about coming here actually, was the one thing he was saying was that talking about Jesus should be habit – - part of our habit in a sense - it's not something we should have to think about. It's part of the drills, if you like, one of these habit drills we have in our Christian walk, as we might pray – it's actually, yes, also to talk about Jesus. That's quite a big challenge. Because actually we're frightened of the 'no' and the rejection more than we are actually speaking about it.

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Duel Interview Edit_1

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