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Hi! I never had to call the police but a friend of mine has had to call the a few times avoid a noisy neighbor I was just stopped by the police on my way home from a party because of a broken headlight but thats about it about you? have you ever had reason to contact the police? Just once, when I was at university but the hifi went missing and the we phoned up, not 999 but phoned up for the wonderful local police officer and there was very like naked they could do really we never never got it back so that was the one on occacion oh yes, a long long time ago yes yes I got hit by far working the street I know it is unusual and some boys let off a rocket at the end of the street In Scotland .... to live and it came up and hit me on the leg I just didn't realize what it was. Some I remember when I was child one occacion quite vividly where someone tried to break in they hadn't managed to break in but my dad had broken up and he was shouting and screaming sort of people with. i suppose special needs and taking about. I got very good education at university and it was you know i had a lot of grands and a lot of help from the government and from university Themselves but i think people now meybe put off by the horizon tuithoh fees and and its something that a lot of young people winning than than very worried about theres a big homeless issue in toronto so thats a social issue that concenrs me legal issues not really we think have a pretty good justice system whatever i suppose what concerns me What would it be I would introduce a law that make working for charity fors the rest of society a favorable think to do. I would make it so that all of the museums are free and more accesible because. here the fact tha theyre you know available to everyone of free is increible and we just dont have. that in canada so its twenty dollars to get into museum and, I would think that. The overthrow the state is managin of capitalismo disbanding. The border control the free movement of people you know those sonts of things Really complete overhaul and dismantling of of capitalist state system.

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Posted by: angiecarolinadelgado on Aug 24, 2016

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