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The Great Kapok Tree

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One man was walking into the RAINFOREST, all was quiet as all the creatures watched the man and wondered why he had come. The man stopped and pointed at the GREAT KAPOK TREE, Then, he took the axe he carried and struck the trunk of the TREE. WACK! WACK! WACK! Soon the man grew tired, he sat down to rest at the foot of the GREAT KAPOK TREE. The hit and the hum of the RAINFORET had allowed him to sleep. A BOA CONSTRICTOR slipped down and hisped in his ears: - Señor... this tree is a tree of miracles, it is my home. Do not chop it down. A BUTTERFLY flew near the sleeping man's ear: - Señor... our home is in this KAPOK TREEE and we fly from tree to tree and flower to flower collecting pollen. In this way we pollinate the trees and flowers throughout the RAINFOREST. YOU SEE ALL LIVING THINGS DEPENDS ON ONE ANOTHER. A TREE MONKEY stepped down the CANOPY of the KAPOK TREE: - Señor, we have seen the ways of man, they chop down one tree and they come back for another and another. The roots of this great tree will slither and die, When the heavy RAIN comes, the FOREST will be washed away, and the FOREST will become a dessert. A TUCAN flew down from the CANOPY: - Señor, you must not cut down this TREE, we have flown over the RAINFOREST and seen what happens Once you begin to chop down the TREES, many people settle on the land they set fire to clear the UNDERBRUSH, and soon the FOREST disappears. Where once there was life and beauty, only black and smoldering ruins remain. Some bright and small TREE FROGS, crawled along the edge of a leaf. Señor, a ruined RAINFOREST means ruined lives, you will leave many of us homeless if you chop down this GREAT KAPOK TREE. A JAGUAR had been sleeping along a branch in the middle of the TREE, he left down and pathed silently over to the sleeping man. He roared in his ears: Señor, the KAPOK TREE is home of many WILD ANIMALS if you cut it down, where will I find my dinner? Two TREE PORCUPINES whispered to the man: -Señor, do you know what we animals and humans need in order to live? OXYGEN! - And, Señor, do you know what TREES produce? OXYGEN! If you cut down the forest you will destroy what trees give us to live. A child from the YANOMAMO tribe who lived in the RAINFOREST knelt over the sleeping man, he murmured: -Señor, when you wake up, please look upon us all with new eyes. The man awoke with a start. Before him stood the RAINFOREST child and all around him, starring, where the creatures who depended upon the GREAT KAPOK TREE. What wonderous and rare animals they were. The man smelled the frangant perfume of the flowers. The man stood and picked up his axe. He swang back his arm, and walked out of the RAINFOREST.

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Posted by: sandrita1982 on Feb 28, 2013

Silhouette video about the book The Great Kapok tree

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