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Why do People Kill in the Name of Religion? Sadhguru

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what are they supposed to do? kill themselves? you need to understand this wherever you go people are always trying to prove that that their religion is not preaching voilence. their religion is trying to preach peace because they will point out every scripture in the world they will point out somewhere, in one corner where is this somebody said you must be peaceful or co-exist with each other or something they are taking out one line and saying our religio says we must be peaceful so we are not responsible for this, its the other people. always its the other people, isn't it? isn't it so? what you need to understand is the moment you beleive something that is not in your experience, you have started the conflict. when it will spill out on the street it's just a question of time and situation. for example i beleive god, my god has no hands my god has no hands. he's tall, he doesn't need hands. he's remote he operates remote control my god is hi-tech god you beleive your god has four hands but both of us are such good friends we are neighbours. we call each other brothers and sisters but you got a tremendous urge that to honour your god you want to put up a hundred feet tall, what is that? hundred meters is it? whats in hussain sagar that is one naught eight? ok you want to put up a one naught eight feet tall statue of your god you're not against me, i'm your brother we ae very good friends we eat each other...we eat in each other's home we call ourselves brother, everything so you've put up your god's statue with four hands i look at this and am aghast this four hands, so vulgar. rest is ok because my god has no hands, i know god has no hands you, out of your ignorance you put up four hands. so in the night, i go i don't want to cause any damage to your god. just i want to take away your ignorance of four hands so i just remove the four hands and come tomorrow morning you and my brotherhood you now what will happen? we will be killing each other, isn't it? the moment you start beleiving something which is not in your experience, you started a conflict with somebody an unknown person somewhere in the world you started a conflict with him when you are actually going to meet on the street and chop each other is a question of time and situation so the very basis when you start with a belief system you have started the conflict you can go on claiming no no, my relegion teaches peace it doesn't matter what it teaches the moment you beleive things which are not a living experience for you you have started the conflict with unknown people in the world if only, if you had the simple sincerity of being human just to see what i know, i know what i do not know, i do not know, you will have no conflict with anybody if you do not know anything you'll have no conflict any...with anybody if you know there is definitely no conflict you believe that is why there is conflict the fight in world is always been projected as good versus evil not today for a long time they have been doing the same thing dharma yuddhas, holy wars and jihaads have been happening all the time, isn't it? right from kurukshetra time people fought dharma yuddhas, then holy wars then jihaads have been happening there is nothing hoy about any war. it's just gory. isn't it? generally it is the people who win the war who write history so they will always describe the wars as glorious wars there is nothing glorious about the war war is a shame on humanity but because people who win the war write history they always describe the wars as glorious wars don't look at the problem on the surface the very core of the problem is that you beleive things which are not a reality for you and somebody else believes that and somewhere in the world, in the process of living these two things are bound to clash the fight in the world is never between the good and the evil its always between one man's belief versus another man's belief. isn't it? so politicians are the killers. its not true. politians are just people like you they got elected. you didn't isn't it? nobody is willing to vote for you somebody is willing to vote for them this is another past time in the country always blaming the poli... politicians for everything yes, there is much to be desired from the leadership that is different but we only get the kind of leaders we deserve this needs to be understood there is no integrity in the population. please see this right now at the next crossing on the street if the polica man is not there there are many many many people there who won't stop at the red light. they would just go on anyway yes suppose you make this man the chief minister or the prime minister of this country, what is he going to do? what is he going to do? is he going to be a better politician than what we have right now? see, the general integrity of the population has come down badly fifty years ago, mahatma gandhi or somebody like mahatma gandhi existed in this country. i am telling you another generation of people if you tell your grandchildren, there was a man like mahatma gandhi in this country they won't beleive it, they will think you are talking some fairy tales like they are used to they won't believe aleady its difficult to believe, isn't it? yes or no? already it is difficult to believe and people are refusing to believe. maybe he was also a corrupt man congress people are projecting him in such way because how can he how can anybody be clean people have come to that level of thinking. isn't it so? mahatma gandhi will look like a fairy tale. already he's beginning to. definitely in the next few years he will, unless we change the way we are so we are only electing the kind of people we are there is no integrity in the population so there is no integrity in the leadership you need to understand this democracy means you are the king. you know or atleast a king maker somewhere we are making those kind of kings because for so many reasons

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 10, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru why people kill in the name of religion. Sadhguru explains the dynamics of various belief systems, politics and more.. (AO56)

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