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Are your colleagues receiving more and more parcels at the office? Are you finding it hard to handle them? Do you sometimes lose a valuable parcel or a confidential document? And are you wasting valuable time manually classifying mail or registered post? Neopost has created a turnkey solution for you, which deals with all of these issues. It's called Track Inside. Track Inside allows you to track all inbound parcels within your own organization in real time whether it's during receipt, transit or delivery, and all in one solution made of an on-line recording and labelling software for receipt, one or several handheld devices for tracking and an on-line tracking and reporting system. For all businesses, from small to large enterprises with multiple offices or floors based in multiple locations or countries, all you need with no change in your IT system. Thanks to Track Inside, when a new parcel arrives all you have to do is scan its tracking barcode to record it in the database. If the parcel has no barcode you can easily create a printed tracking label with a unique barcode. Once the parcel has been recorded the recipient receives an automatic notification to inform him that his parcel has arrived. Thanks to the handheld devices provided with Track Inside you know exactly where your parcel is at any time. Your parcel is tracked at each step of the chain of custody, via its barcode. Each scan provides you with a precise tracking status, including time and location whether it's during parcel departure, transit or delivery. The recipient only has to add his signature on the device to acknowledge receipt. If problems arise, handheld devices allow you to take photos or capture tracking incidence. Data on all the mail and parcels that are recorded and tracked are saved on a single online database. Tracking details, proof of delivery and photos are all stored in one secure system. Access to tracking data requires a user log-in and password. The system is hosted on a Neopost server in a highly secure data centre. Reports are available to help you monitor delivery operations. Track Inside guarantees that you can keep track of all your incoming mail and parcels; delivery time and errors are reduced, bringing convenience and service quality to your colleagues. Track Inside: a flexible and scalable solution for tracking all your incoming mails and parcels.

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