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Críticas - 20.10.2012

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Presented by It Is Written Television You know something that intrigues me? The way some critics of the Bible often have an ability to totally miss the point. A science teacher recently spoke out against Biblical Creation. Certainly not the first science teacher to do so. And he talked about one of those great arguments against the veracity of the Bible Here it is, Genesis 1:16, from the creation story: and God made two great lights; the greater on to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. This science teacher countered the Bible by saying "Everybody knows that the moon only reflects light, the light of the Sun. so therefore the Bible must be wrong when it says God made the moon a great light to rule the night." Now, this is an inteligent man. I think most everybody does know that the moon only does reflects the light of the sun, but that doesn't change the fact it is light shining from the moon, Light that does originally come from the sun, yes That lights up the night sky. There are time that God gives us information and expects us to use our common sense. If God had used explanatory statements all the way through the Bible, the Bible would be two feet thick. If a person wants to criticize the Bible, that's their right. and the truth is there are some tough questions in the Bible to answer But let me encourage you to read the Bible with your common sense engaged Don't quibble over the obvious. One story says two demoniacs had demons cast out of them another says only one the point is that two, one or twenty-one there's power in Jesus to set the demoniacs free. Read the Bible as it reads You might not always be able to understand the mind of God, but that doesn't have to weaken your confidence in God's word You can believe it. It was inspired by God. And no matter what the critics say, no matter how many attacks they make on the word of God, no matter how clever or not clever their arguments, won't be able to change that. I'm John Bradwhaw from It is Written. Let's live today by Every Word.

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Posted by: cremonezialine on Oct 21, 2012

In Short: Attacks by critics won’t ever change the reliability of the Bible.

Verso: "Deus fez as duas grandes luzes: a maior para governar o dia e a menor para governar a noite. E fez também as estrelas."Genesis 1:16

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