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Episode #7 Earliest Palestinians

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According to you, how long have Palestinians been here? So, what I know is that Palestine as a national movement is something that started in the early 1900s and that before that it wasn't named it was the Ottoman Empire and it wasn't a specific national movement. There were tribes here, that lived here for hundreds of years and that when there was a conversation about establishing a Jewish state and a Palestinian state that's when they started to have a national identity as Palestinians. So for me, it's... Palestine and Palestinian took some articulated identity after the British Mandate. So, it was like if you go even to some Jewish residents who were here before the establishment of the State of Israel they will hold Palestinians passports Palestinians documents. So in the Palestinian mentality there are documents this was the State of Palestine. But the same documents also have 'aleph' and 'yud' which stand for 'Eretz Yisrael' [Land of Israel] but since it was only 'aleph' and 'yud' for Palestinians it is, you know they didn't even know what it means. So after the establishment of the State of Israel it's like the British people have promised us a state. and now they are helping another nation to have a state, a very different state, on our land. So this is how they see it. But it's true that nationally it was created after the mandate. But some people would call everyone who was here a Palestinian since the earliest times. So they will say that Jesus was a Palestinian. No. Jesus was Jewish! Yeah, but the way that how Palestinians will define it Palestinian is not about religion but about the 'Palestinian' nationality. So this is how they can view it. It's true, he was a Jew.

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Episode #7 Earliest Palestinians

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