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The Life of Roma Women

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LUKSUZ PRODUKCIJA presents LIFE OF ROMA WOMEN ♪ [music] ♫ - Nowadays, some girls get married when they are around 13-14 years old. - Girls run away for a few days, come & everything is ok again. - I got married very young. I have 2 kids, aged 7 months & 2 years. - We Roma are taking care not to be proclaimed as tramps, one day with one man, the next day with another one. - Well, I don't know... When I finish school & become independent, I'll get married. - The Roma from Kosovo face various problems, such as problems with registry, getting documents, citizenship & residency, unemployment, education... Me & my four siblings were left alone with our father, so I was the only one who finished primary school. - We try to find jobs, but employers often turn us down & say we're just uneducated Roma. We work where we get a chance, we collect useful stuff that was thrown away. Clothing, food... We eat whatever we can & throw away the rest. - We were 8 children & only our father was employed. None of us went to school. - We didn't have many opportunities,so I wish our children will get educated & have proper jobs, so they can live a normal life. - When we go begging, the police chases us & sometimes put us to prison. Social services want to take our children away from us & by doing so, they only cause more harm. - I would advise them to get educated, because it's the only way to success. - I wish to live in my own house, I wish my children would finish school, to have enough money, so that I could raise the children by myself. - The traditional role of a Roma woman is to be a mother & a housewife. Women rarely have jobs, they mostly stay at home. - A girl should be honest, obedient, tidy, a good cook & a hostess. - Women nowadays have more freedom than we used to have in the past. We had to do everything by hand, cook, clean, make fire... Nowadays it's easier, you can do everything only by pressing some buttons on a machine. But women complain anyway. We used to suffer more. - Life is difficult for the Roma women, they argue with their husbands, they are poor, so they beg, some leave their children in an orphanage. Some even become prostitutes. - A lot of women are treated badly. I hate those women who do nothing to put an end to their suffering. They don't leave their husbands, because they can't leave their children. - My oldest daughter was 2 years old when I left my husband. I spent my whole life trying to take good care of my children. - There are associations of Roma women & an institute for women's studies in Novi Sad, led by Prof. Svenka Savic. - At the moment there are more Roma women than men who graduated from high schools & colleges. They should be supported & allowed to continue their schooling at high schools & colleges. - A lot of Roma didn't finish their education & I want to show them it can be done. It can be done easily. I don't want to suffer like my mother does. - Roma women are vital, skilled & are the engine of Roma communities. We could all learn a lot from them.

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Producer: Luksuz produkcija
Director: Martina Hudorovič, Katarina Rešek
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Posted by: tinaki on Dec 13, 2012

The Life of Roma Women.

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