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2020 Video Marketing Tips

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Hey! This is Matt Horvath with Pack Films, we're a video production company based in Nashville. This past spring, at the peak of the pandemic, we decided to get better at our own craft, and so we spent over 24 hours researching video marketing and video ads. And we'd like to share some of those insights with you, so that you can implement them in your business right now to get results. Something we can all admit is that people have a really short attention span these days. And it's critical to hook people in the first five seconds so that they'll watch the rest of your ad. So our first tip is to tailor your videos to each of your audience's motivations. If you just have one video with one set of messaging, it'll resonate with some people, but other people will be left out. You need to create different versions of your ads that will connect with different people. So, for instance, if you sell customizable plastic bags, some of your customers will value the durability of your product, and other customers might value the wide range of options that they have to choose from to have the bags fit their specific needs. If you lead with durability in your ads, you might have people tune out who are interested in the customization aspect of the product before you even get to that part. Another tip is to have a really strong offer as part of your ads. The goal of the ad itself is to help people picture how your product or service will make their life better, make things easier for them, make things more efficient, and generally improve their life. If you don't have an offer included as part of the ad, people will get to the end of it and maybe they really like the idea of what you're selling, but they just kind of drift off. They don't have that hand-holding to know how to take that and bring it into their life to make things better and make things easier. And if you're not getting the conversions that you expect to, one of the things to check is the offer and how it's worded and how it sounds, and by tweaking that you might have a much more effective ad. Related to that, make it as quick and easy as possible for people to take you up on your offer. As few clicks as possible, as few redirects or phone calls as possible, when someone is ready to take action, let them take action and enable them to take action right away. Don't put any roadblocks in the way of someone who desires to become one of your customers. Another really easy-to-implement tip is don't start your video with your logo. I know it's tempting to put it front and center but think of it this way - it's like if you go to a party, and someone walks up to you and just hands you their business card without saying anything else first. It's just a little bit weird. How you would normally do it is to talk to that person first, learn a little bit more about them, and then at the end of the conversation you exchange business cards. It's kind of like that with a video. You want to communicate with that person first, get them interested in what you're doing, and what you have to say, and then, at the end, is when you want to present your logo and contact information. These may seem like small, quick tips, but when combined, they can lead to big changes in your results. And if you're trying to make as big an impact as you can right now on your video marketing, schedule a free 15 minute consult with myself or one of our team. On that call, we'll identify at least one change that you can make to generate more leads. Fifteen minutes for more leads? That's an easy call. This isn't the time to sit back and see what happens. When things are slow, that's the time to engage with your potential customers even more. It's what your competition is doing, especially when there's less business to go around, and at the end of the day you want to be the one on top. So keep all of these tips in mind as you plan out your video marketing, and I hope some of this helps you in your advertising journey. Thanks for watching and talk to you soon.

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