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Seunghwan Seo - Seoul, Korea - Korean (Global Lives Project, 2013) 20:00:00 - 20:29:59

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When they assign you a passenger, It naturally passes along to us [inaudible]. - Yes It should go like this: The drivers can come back to the office 30 minutes before and then let us adjust and calculate the fees 10 minutes before the off time. I think so too. It's not OK to assign us the new work right before we go home. Yes, I think so too. He does not know how to assign those rides to drivers. - I would like to punch him so he would behave. Did you see Ho-Chul? No, I didn't. -I saw him. You probably not able to punch him when you see him in person. - Why? I know you can't. Yes, I definitely can punch him. No, you can't. - Yes, I know I can. Do you think I probably pity him? Yes, It's impossible to punch him when you see him in person. (inaudible) - I am not talking about how he looks, Then it became we are talking behind his back now, but Does he seem very weak? - He is only 114 pounds. I tell you that. Now you think differently, right? And, when you see him... - In-person? Yes, and when I heard what he had to say about his life. (sigh) I met him on my day off, It was Thursday. I think he will never understand. He might try his best, but I agree. And, it doesn't make any sense to keep telling him what to do because we all know he will not change. -It's a little better than before though. We just talking to each other in vain. - Can I have more Coke? Yes, we can't talk directly about what we want or being mean to him. I would talk about everything I wanted to say if I don't need to meet him. (sigh) I felt bad after meeting him in person, so I paid about 80 dollars for his dinner. And I took care of his drinks afterward too. I spent more than 100 dollars on Thursday for him. -What did you eat? Why was that so expensive? I met him near Yang-Jae Station, and most of the restaurants were closed because it was very late. And finally, we found a place that opens that late, but it was very expensive. A beef tataki dish was almost 30 dollars. And, I think pork BBQ, nope the beef stew was 20 dollars (coughing). You guys have a huge stomach. You guys spent that much money for a dinner? And it was even not a date... I told you already, you can not help yourself when you meet him in person. You gotta feed him well even though you don't like him. Hahaha -May I have more Coke? I am glad we bought a Coke. We would've drunk water if we didn't buy it. We gotta eat well. I was pacing myself, can I eat as much as I can now? Of course, Help yourself. You can take some time when you feel full. -Enjoy. So, the center assigned us a new customer now? -No. I told you HoChul is crazy. That's why I can't help myself to blame him. You know that we are being filmed now. -Yup, I know. (inaudible) Do you remember the other day? -What do you mean by that? When I woke you up? I have no idea. -Yes. I saw your text. That's all. Do you know what he told me when I woke him up? Leave me alone! (laughing) So you let him sleep? I was like 'Hey, boss. You told me to make you up. You said you wanna go to a sauna' And he was like 'Yes, I know...' You told me that you gotta go to a sauna, boss. -Leave me alone! Time to go to a sauna, boss. -Yes. You gotta go now, boss. - Let me sleep, man! (Laughing) Ho-Chul woke him up before maybe that's why he reacted that way maybe? Why did you do that? (Laughing) I am full now after eating 'KalGukSu' noodle. If I didn't eat this now, -I can't eat more. I am so full. It would be -It would be mushy and soggy in a second. By the way, you are lucky now. We suffered so much. You have no idea. We manage two cars, and you can go fast by yourself. I can, but I gotta be cautious too. Sometimes, when you drive fast, you see an enough space for one car to pass. Then, you can move forward, but I can't since I gotta move with the other car. Yes, it definitely tired, way tired. Yes, but it's a night drive. Boss, do you enjoy "KalGukSu" noodle? - Yes. (inaudible) - Excuse me? By the way, the break is not working perfectly. It's a little late. (inaudible) I don't know why, but it's not fast enough. Now I know why people talking bad thing about Honda. (inaudible) - It's garbage. So bad! They manufacture it in Taiwan. I drove that before. It's not good. Not fast enough. - It's not accelerated fast enough. Yes. I think the electric car will perform better. Are you kidding? - When I drove it on an uphill, I mean it, it performs like an electric car. -So when I drove it on an uphill, Electric car has agility. Oh, that's true. An electric car accelerates fast at the beginning at least. It shoots like a rocket. It's impossible to drive over 60Km/hr. Yes, I agree. (inaudible) Don't you think so? -Yes, I really enjoy this food. Yes, it's very delicious. I want to change the seat. -Why? That light keeps bothering my eyes. - It's that uncomfortable? We are almost done anyway. You should've told us earlier. It was bothering you. (Cellphone rings) I am so full, but I keep eating it because I feel like I have to. -Who? Me. (Talking on the phone) No, We are eating now. No, It's OK. Talk to me. We can't talk if I work, so let's talk now. Ultimate (inaudible) ? I think I will be done around 5 or 6 am tomorrow. Yes. (Talking on the phone) About a pig feet dish (inaudible) Is it Friday today? No, it's Saturday. -Oh, it's Saturday today? So, the boss will be gone tomorrow? That's right? I forgot about that. I am planning to go home right after this. (Talking on the phone) Do we have another plan, mom? Then, the boss should stay till early morning tomorrow? So, he can get a ride in the morning? (Talking on the phone) It's OK, we are just eating dinner now. What's going on? OK, then Let's go watch a movie tomorrow with the kids tomorrow. I think it's OK to skip it once. Are you planning to go to a kids' cafe? -Yes. Which one are you thinking of going to? Kids cafe square one. Is there anything good near YeokSam Dong? Do you mean YeokSam Dong? -Yes. Yes, there is one. -Where? In our office, The aquarium in COEX is pretty nice. COEX? I think they are under construction now. U mean that aquarium? Doing a construction again? - Yes. They renovating the place now. -There is a kids' cafe runs by Homeplus there. Is that a mediocre one? - Yes, it is, but I really love the fact that, Do you know sand play for kids? -You mean they have a space for that? Yes, they have space where kids can play with sand. My kids really enjoy there playing with sands. Is that a sand artist thing? - Yes, playing with sand can help develop kids' brains. -- I heard it's really good. I always bring Ah-Young to a place we can play with sand, and let her play with it. -Excuse me, boss. What is this? - The food is not enough. It tastes a little funky. This is bad as the other day. Do you mean this dish? -This spice mix for this dish. It's exactly the same as the last time. It's not exactly the same. For me, it is. It tastes bitter, bitter? -I think it's because of the peanut. No, I don't think it's the peanut. It tastes bitter when you bite it. What do you mean by that? - Definitely, bitter. What? This... I remember it tastes the same as the chef started to work here for the first time. The spice mix is bland. She put the sesame oil. It's bland, right? -Yes, it's bland. Yes, I think that the bland spice mix is the reason. Shall we let the chef know? Yes, we gotta tell her. Right? When the main chef is absent, the food here is bad. Ugh, it tastes bad. I think that's because of that sesame oil. -Right? She put it too much. That's what I'm saying, it should go without sesame oil. - Also, this Korean mint It has that minty taste. Yes, It is overpowering now. I think it's not about this Korean mint, it's a different kind of bitterness. I really enjoy this Koran mint, it's very refreshing. And cleans the palate usually. A cucumber, Korean mint (inaudible), and lettuce -I know right? There is a reason why this restaurant is not famous. (laughing) Located little back at the alley here. There is a very tiny place, which serves a Japanese Ramen. It is very famous, people line up every day. There is always a 20-meter line. And you can not even stay for more than 10 minutes. 10 minutes after you got your Ramen. They ask you to go when you are not finished your Ramen in 10 minutes. Have you ever been to a place like that? I forgot the name of the restaurant, but it's located near HongDae. Udong noodle, I mean, they serve the meat over rice dishes. Japanese meat over your rice dishes. -You mean Donburi? Yes You are not allowed to talk to each other in that Donburi house. It's very quite, and There are lines outside the restaurant. You gotta eat and go. -You gotta leave right after you're done. So you are not allowed to talk after you finished too? -Yes, the owner pressure you to leave when you are done. Ask you to leave when you are done eating. Yes. -Oh I see. (everyone) Thank you. You can put it there. -Yes, just leave it there. I am not joking. So when I was there, the owner was sitting in front of the customers. The owner of that restaurant is from Japan, and she is a little chubby. She cooks too. The funny thing is, she was enjoying the whole situation. Not allowing the customers to talk while they're eating. And the owner and the staff, they talked to each other. Then, they did a 'shh' gesture to us when we talk. Also, when someone tries to look inside of the restaurant, They close the curtain. Haha, it was very annoying. By the way, this watermelon is so bad. Why? I think u pick the wrong one. Mine is fine. It is not sweet at all. -It is bad. Yes, he is weird. (inaudible) I think it's fine since we drank a coke (inaudible) -It is not sweet. Just try this one. I don't need to eat that, It's the same thing. So? -I agree, It is not crunchy at all. It was exactly like this bad when the last time she gave us a watermelon. (inaudible) - How can I say this, when you cut the watermelon It should look icy with a crunchy sound. And there should be some tiny holes in it. Do you mean like a sponge? Yes, but it's available during the summer. Yup, that's the one It has the best taste. Before summer, all the watermelon harvest from the Glasshouse. I grew grapes and watermelons in my front yard when I was in A-San. What's that? -I don't know. Is that a bug? Oh, it's a bug. Hahaha, I had no idea why you called my name. (inaudible) I want to give this to him. Me too, just take one for each. -I will smoke a cigarette there. So you will give a slice of watermelon to...(inaudible) Stop it. -No way. I think he will not like it. -No I think he liked it. Anyway, (inaudible) did something, leave him alone. Can you ask our CEO about getting a Redbull? Where can we get it? I really don't appreciate energy drinks. I don't like it. It's not about the taste. Ugh -I consider this as a medicine. It has way too much caffeine in it. It just contains a lot of caffeine. -I need one since I didn't get to sleep at all. I remember the boss asked you to buy some coffee and gave you 10 dollars. Not the boss, and it was our CEO. Anyway, he gave me 10dollars to buy the coffee, I had to pay 12 dollars. I paid with my own money. (laughing) It's better than asking you for the change. (laughing) I don't understand why he told me that. By the way, why did you get T.O.P coffee? He asked me to buy something you can bring around. When you get the normal can coffee, Is there something there? -You have to drink all once you open it. Oh, I see. I am full now. Anyway, when out CEO will finish his dinner? Until what time we need to hang and wait for him? I saw the lady served them a watermelon, so. (inaudible) Try this. -No, I don't want to. Ugh, it's bad. (inaudible) So, I know some Mormon missionary friends. I spent some time with them. (inaudible) -Are you a Mormon? Usually, the missionary do the English Bible study. Every week So I was planning to join the Bible study, but I gotta skip it since my family will go to the kid's cafe tomorrow. I gotta let them know that I can't join tomorrow. We are not going to service. Sometime between 3 - 4pm. So Mormon has its own style of studying the bible. Do you know what Mormon is? -Of course, I know. Then explain it to me. Um, how can I say this... (inaudible) It's not that. Um.. that! It's not Uniate. What exactly Uniate means? The meaning of Uniate? In Korea, we recognize the Presbyterian Church as Uniate. So Mormon is about the modern church In America, If you want to know which one is original Jewish people do not admit Christianity. Right? So If I explain this easier for you, Islam's messiah is a Mohammad. Jewish people never admit, I mean they do not accept Jesus. It's very similar to that. And then Mormon and Christianity have the same root. They have different practices. Which came from the States, and similar to Puritan. It was very controversial when some churches follow the modified religious dogma, Not Jesus's word. Mormon was born from there to establish Jesus's word. One of the followers of Jesus organized it, and it became Mormon. And then from the States, By the way, the reason why I like being Mormon is What I experienced with Christians was not really matched up with what they say they believe and pursue. But, Mormons are different. They take a sabbatical. And they also have the lowest divorce rate in the States. Also, they do what they believe. Oh, they even don't have a cross at the church. They don't have a pastor, they call him a person in charge. Yes, person in charge, not a pastor. And the missionary in Mormon, They pay for their own missionary work and stay in the country wherever the center picks for them. I was so shocked when I first heard about it. I understand what you said, but Christianity in Korea is the same. It's also very rare for the church to financially support the missionary works in Korea. So -I know Mormon is similar to Christianity, but Mormon and Christianity also worship Jesus. It's the same. -But, Mormon is originally from the Indian religion. Mormon was born from the merging of Indian and Christianity. I know most people think that way but Mormon is not from Indians. They have their own history from America. Indians just documented not the Indian religion. So Mormon has affected by two different streams of religion. - Not affected by Americans, they just move the documentation. That's all. I will show you the example, We will not accept this in Korea. The history of Christianity in Korea, is not being respected by the Europeans. Do you know what I'm saying? In European eyes, Christianity from America is not original. It's similar to that. So what I'm trying to say is, It's not appropriate to think with only one Bible, even though you think everything in the Bible is true, It can be translated in so many different ways. -It is not about the translation --I don't think it's about the translation. Mormons do respect the Bible too. -So it's the same religious dogma. --No Christianity is different. Depending on how you interpret - No, it should be the same. You know the very first bible. Christianity's the very first bible. We respect and study that too. However, Mormon or other religions born from Christianity, they interpretative the original version in their ways. Sometimes, they remove some and dd some during the process. I know. It's like this. When we make a constitutional law, and we practice it in our daily life. But when the reality is little different from the original concept of the constitution, We modified it. Add or remove some parts. So it is very similar to that. Yes, I agree. The Bible we study these days are modified from the original version. -Constantly (inaudible) Yes, it kept changing over the years. I know. There are part to be fixed in the Bible. Need to be fixed. So there is a mainstream, and then other kinds were derived from there. Mohammad became Islam. The difference is that, Mormon is more like a modern religion. What people confused about is that In the United States, They just documented that Jesus existed in their history. Not believing it. I thought that way at the beginning, Mormon is the same as Christianity, We believe what Christianity believe. We do Bible studies. -Mormons We admit and respect one more thing called Mormon Bible. The Mormon Bible. -Yes I know. They study the Mormon Bible and The Christianity Bible. They respect both. -Yes, they respect original Bible too. So it is not like we ignore the Bible since we have our own Mormon Bible. We value the Mormon Bible, but we also respect the Christianity Bible too. I think we do not overvalue the Mormon Bible over Christianity Bible (Phone rings) -So this Mormon Bible is different from the Christianity Bible? Yes, totally different. -Oh I see, both are different things? What? What Mormon is about then? (Talking on the phone) I gotta go to the office. What I am thinking about Mormon is when I misunderstood about Mormon, I gotta get to know them better because of my kids. (inaudible) But, It's very different from my preconception between what I experienced personally. I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I'm an atheist. When you think about it, Mormon born from American supremacy. That's the essence of this religion, and it's very conservative. -I think so too. So when you do missionary work, It spread to different countries. What I realized about Mormon, Jewish people doing a major role in American society. Jewish people lead American society, right? -Yes. There are Jew believe in Judaism, but, there are many Jewish who believe in Mormon. I was so shocked by it. The presidential candidate of America, There are so many important people who believe in Mormon. -There are many celebrities too. Yes, Mormons do play critical roles in American society. (inaudible) I think America will star the entertainment/cultural war soon, Hollywood Movies, Financial exports, and Mormon ca be one too. But, we live in an Americanized country. You gotta do English if you wanna climb up the ladder in Korea. Anyways, Not that I mean it should be that way, but we have been living like that including our environment too. So, The Mormon missionary that I am interacting with these days, It was passed down from parents to him. Oh, by the way, this family has that Mormon genealogy. The family tree. He and his family are doing an ice cream business, And it is 108 years old. After finished his missionary work, (inaudible) So I want my father to be friendly with him, so when we go to America -Free Ice cream? (laughing) He mentioned about Ice cream, That's why I try to be friendly with him. To be frank, And then he never pressures the religion part to me. Because, He knows it's not working when you pressure Korean people about something that will be ended up bad. He knows well, so I hang with him without any pressure. Because you are tired, that's why your eyes are not comfortable. -Yes. Because, your eyes are deeply related to your liver. (inaudible) I told you that I got a Message from him. Whatever you do, How to manage or use your situation is the key. The flash was off. Too many bugs. -There are so many bugs. When I went to (inaudible), Cockroach was huge and they flew. -Yes, that kind can fly. There are dogs too. It's in Yongsan. There are so many huge flying cockroaches near the American Army base. Yes, I know. -When I was in Yongsan, I moved from my suburban place. I think it was my first day in my new place in Yongsan. I felt something on my face when I was sleeping, so I slapped it. And I remember it was exploded on my face. And I saw my face after I woke up. Then, the roach was dead on my face. - Why do you pass along this 'call' to me, Ho-Chul? The dogs living there eat the roaches. Ugh, those chewing sounds. Chinese people eat fried Roaches. - I know, so. It's very disgusting (inaudible) - So why did you do that, Ho-Chul? Tell him that we will punch him. -I know you do this a lot lately. Do not pass over a long distance 'calls' to us. When it's almost time to go home like 15 or 20 minutes before closing time. -Long-distance Please do not pass any rides to us even if it's a close distance like 10 - 15 minutes drive. Because we do have off time set like 4pm or 5 pm generally. But, when we do that job and come back to the office. And, it took way longer after we do calculate the profits and our payments. Our work hours include those times too not just driving hours. I got my last work 'call' at my off time yesterday. Yes, and I heard that you sent a 'call' to WonSeng, so he had to go to JamSil. Please send it to other people if it is possible. If it is too busy, you can ask us if we would like to do it or not before you just send those works to us. Are there many 'calls' waiting? You know we are having dinner now. OK, I got it. Are you alone there? Is the director there? Mr. Oh? Is he in the 4th-floor office? OK. I told him about that, so. I told him yesterday too. (Messenger notification) That cockroach is kept circling around. I am so full. But, I am dizzy. Are we supposed to go to the office? Or are we hang more before we go back to the office? We can go to the office now, There is no more 'calls(customer waiting)'. None. -Oh, Really? Then, let's go to the office. I will ask JiYoung about it. -OK.

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Seunghwan talks and eats with his co-workers at a table outside of a Jokbal restaurant, and then talks on his phone.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Seunghwan Seo.

This video was produced by Sam Queen, Rachel Gist, Jee Young Lee, Michael Stulberg, Marisol Park, Nayoung Jung, Joel Elliott, and Cole Quinlan.

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