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MyKabbalah Lesson 5 mission 3 Engsmall

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Kindness Hi. In our previous mission, we spoke about proactive of sharing and how to turn off the auto pilot in our lives. So, let me ask you, when you're going through a difficult situation, when you're trying to embrace the process, but you haven't reached the sweetness at the end, what are some thoughts that run through your mind? Are you hoping that maybe things sort out? Are you expecting new opportunities to open up that will solve the situation? Maybe you're just hoping to get that light bulb moment of clarity. Really what you're asking for is for the universe to be kinder to you. Anything we put out to the universe, the universe always has to reflect back to us. When we're reactive, the universe will reflect that same energy back to us. And if we're kind, the universe will reflect that same kindness back to us. It starts with a small actions. It doesn't have to be anything major. It can be giving your seat up on the bus. It can be buying a coffee for the person behind you. In Florida, this caused a chain reaction of more than 700 customers who bought a coffee for the person behind them. It can even be holding the door open for someone. And sometimes saying no is also being kind. Like with a child who just wants candy or to stay up late. Sometimes we need to say no for the other person to grow. The more difficult it is to be kind in a situation, the more effort it takes to step out of my comfort zone, the more Light will be reflected back to me. Because the more effort, the less my opponent is strong. And, if I want the universe to be kind to me in an illogical way, then I need to be kind when it doesn't make sense at all. When I'm exhausted, when I'm upset, when I just don't feel like it. These are moments where the universe is knocking. It's saying "hey, this is where your kindness is." "Open the door." Think about moments in your life where you can inject this exact same kindness to the other people around you. To your family, your friends, even your enemies. When you're ready, we'll continue building our Proactive Formula in Mission 4

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