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Mr President, Mr Sarkozy has brought energy and dynamism to his presidency, but made clear at all stages that he wants more power for the Union and that he wants the Lisbon Treaty. Now, with the Czech presidency about to take over, I think we have seen the true face of this modern-day European Union with the appalling attack on President Klaus. I am going to ask you, what kind of European Union do you want? Because what we have here is a Union that treats democracy with contempt. Brian Crowley said to President Klaus that the Irish wish for the Lisbon Treaty. Well, I am sorry, old son, but they said ‘no’! Please accept the result! In previous times, Martin Schulz has stood up and said that a ‘no’ vote will lead to fascism and that we must not bow to populism. So this is a Union that despises democracy, and it is a Union that cannot cope with any alternative point of view. ‘I do not care about your opinions,’ is what Danny Cohn-Bendit said to President Klaus. In previous times Mr Cohn-Bendit has said in this Chamber that opponents of this Treaty are mentally ill. This is a very dangerous step for this Union to be taking. It is a Union that behaves like a thug and a bully, and when Mr Cohn-Bendit put the European flag on President Klaus’s desk and told him to fly it from the Castle, he could just as well have been a German official from 70 years ago or a Soviet official from 20 years ago. Danny the libertarian, who is now the authoritarian, the man who has turned into everything he said he was opposed to 40 years ago – and this is the face, President Sarkozy, of this European Union. And all of it egged on by President Pöttering, who in previous times has fined Members of this House for insulting other heads of state. Mr Sarkozy, is this the kind of Union that you want, or will you join me in condemning the absolutely appalling treatment of President Klaus in Prague last week?

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Country: Czech Republic
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Posted by: mmister on Jun 12, 2011

Nigel gives Sarkozy his end of term report and tells Daniel Cohen-Bendit and his friends where to get off.

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