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Oscar winner Marlee Matlin stars in music video produced by Detroit rapper (CC)

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An Oscar winner was so inspired by a local musician, that she reached out to him over twitter. And she ended up coming to Detroit to star in his music video, and I spent some time on the set, as the shoot was just getting under way. ♪ [mambo music] It was lights, camera, action on the set of a soundstage in Warren this week... ♪ Put you best foot forward...♪ actress Marlee Matlin joined hometown rapper Sean Forbes. Forbes, who's deaf, wrote a song called "Let's Mambo", about the Oscar winner. She found out about it in a magazine, and sent him a tweet. (Sean)...and she just reached out to me and I was like, whoa, you know? And we started talking, and then we got in touch, and things started happening, and it's amazing. I'm very - appreciative of everything that's going on right now, and all of the people here supporting my dream. (reporter) Matlin said she wanted to be a part of what sean was doing, and she hopes this will bring more attention to the contributions of the Deaf community, in the entertainment industry. (Marlee) We dance just like everybody else, we write songs just like anybody else, we perform - it doesn't matter if you're deaf. It's - anything is possible. (reporter) Matlin flew in, along with her partner from Season 6 of Dancing with the Stars, Fabian Sanchez (Fabian) It's exciting just watching some of the stuff that they're doing, I mean the set looks fantastic, then dancers look great, and Marlee and Sean, you know, they have a solo piece that I choreographed, and I can't wait for everybody to see it, 'cause they are going to look really slick, and hot, sexy, which is what we wanted. (reporter) Also on set, Macomb county native and hairstylist to the stars, Ken Pavis. A first class production, all the way around. (Sean) My message is if you really want something, and you really want to put your mind to it, and achieve your goals, just go for it. I mean, I was just a kid with a dream, of being a musician, and just wanted to make it happen I just showed up and made it happen. (Marlee) I love Detroit! And we love her, right back. Really cool to be on the set there to see a music video in person, and as soon as that video is ready, we will let you know where you can watch it, probably online somewhere. Well, I hope you do another story, a follow up. That had to be fascinating to be there. It was really cool. By the way, Ken Pavis we mentioned, the big celebrity in Hollywood, in his on right, and a local guy, from Macomb County, and people in Clinton Township will know the Ken Pavis Salon out there. He's a big deal.

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