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Freeing an Elephant and a Rhino

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Conservation groups in India recently released two elephamt calves, and a year-and-a-half old Greater One-horned Rhino into the wild in Manas National Park. The international fund for animal welfare, or IFAW, says one elephant was found in a trench at a tea plantation, and the other was abandoned by its herd after getting trapped in mud. The rhino was orphaned after its mother was killed by poachers presumably for its horn, which is used in traditional Chinese medicine. All of the animals were hand-raised after they were found. According to IFAW, the move made by their organization and Wildlife Trust of India marks only the second time an endangered Asian elephant has been rehabilitated and released to the wild in India. Asian elephants have been listed as endangered since 1975. With only an estimated 35 to 45 thousand remaining in the wild. The reason? People turning forests where elephants live into farmland or land for thier homes. This has spurred widespread human-elephant conflict throughout the country, and both elephants and rhinos remain threatened by poaching. Reportedly the rhino is the fourth released in the park. The Greater One-horned Rhino is highly endangered, with only about 1,700 left in the world. In order to facilitate the movement of elephants to protected areas in India like Manas National Park, wildlife corridors, or narrow strips of land, have been purchased and donated. They allow wildlife to move from one habitat to another without having to cross through human-developed areas. Both the elephants and rhino will wear radio collars to monitor thier movements.

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Posted by: greenbo on Mar 30, 2010

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