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Skit 2 (T1213)

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Are you ready for her? Yep, send her in buddy! Shante I presume. It's very nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. The pleasure is all mine. Have a seat. So it's very nice to meet you. I don’t think I had a chance to make your acquaintance last night... the pre-interview dinner, but, I guess that’s what this is for. Well, I know everyone hates this question, but I must ask. Because I’m about as antsy as a water buffalo that just did a bunch of cocaine. So, why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself? Sure. I’m a senior accounting student at the Robert H. Smith School of Business... ...and I plan to graduate with 150 credits this semester. I am very involved on campus and hold executive board positions in both the Black Business Association... ...and the National Association for Black Accountants (NABA). I am also a member of various honor societies and was recently selected to be my graduating class’ valedictorian. I am an extremely motivated individual and have great communication skills. I am confident that my skills and work ethic are a good fit for your firm. Wow, that is very impressive Shante. You should be extremely proud of your accomplishments, as I’m sure you are. Well, I know for me, I’m about as curious as a monkey that just came across a bag of rattlesnakes. So I must ask, can you tell me a little bit about these leadership positions you've held? Well, I wanted to be involved with NABA because I know African Americans... ...are severely underrepresented in the accounting profession. As an aspiring Black accountant, I wanted the chance to make a real impact... ...on my community and on this entire profession. This group gave me the opportunity to represent the interests of current and prospective black accountants, to encourage and assist black students in entering the accounting profession, and to promote and develop the professional skills of our diverse members. Well Shante you cease to amaze me. That is absolutely great. So that’s all the questions I have for you today. So if you want to ask me any questions, feel free. I'm an open book of sorts. Yes I do. How would you describe the culture and the environment at your firm, especially in regards to diversity? Well our firm is very high on racial and ethnic diversity. Not only do we recruit talent from diverse racial groups, our company emphasizes an environment of inclusion and our audit teams usually have... ...a good mix of individuals from different backgrounds, just like yourself. Our undying commitment to diversity and inclusiveness is ingrained in our recruiting and client serving practices. Wow, that sounds like a great fit for me. Well I’m sure it would be. So if that’s all the questions you have for me today, it was a pleasure meeting you... ...and you can expect to hear back from us faster than a jack rabbit milks a cow. In layman's terms, that’s about two weeks. Okay. Thank you so much for your time. Oh thank you. **elevator chatter** Hey Shante, we’re going out for lunch. Do you want to come with us? No I’m okay, I got my lunch from home. Alright, see you later. Hey Bill, do you have a second to talk? Uh, yeah I guess so. Well, I’ve been working here for about two months now. I came into this job with hopes of really contributing to the audit team... ...and establishing good relationships with everyone on my team. I know that I’m still relatively new, and that you guys have known each other for a while, but I’m not feeling nearly as connected as I would like to be. I’m just getting the impression that you guys are indifferent towards me in general, and especially when I ask for guidance on difficult tasks. Wow, I’m actually surprised you feel that way. I feel like we’ve been making an effort to invite you out to either lunch or happy hour. And I feel like you're not making that same effort to connect with us. I feel like we’re really treating you the same way as anyone else. Actually the main reason I stopped attending those social events is because... ...I kept feeling like you guys didn’t really want me around. And it seems like you and the other guys on the team get along really well in a social context. I honestly don’t feel like you treat me the same way as you treat them. Alright Shante, so are you accusing me of discriminating against you? I mean I’m sorry but, I just really don’t see where you’re coming from. I mean, of course we want you to feel welcome here. But in order to establish... ...close personal relationships with the team, you have to make an effort to hang out with us more. Well, I’ve got an important meeting to get to. So I’ve got to roll. **typical breakroom banter** Hey guys… You guys know the new associate on my team, Shante? Sounds familiar. Well, I think I met her a couple of weeks back. Yeah we’ve been having some issues with her. She just really hasn’t seemed to gel with our team. It’s been like a couple months now, and there’s been no connection. I'm not sure what's going on. Wait one gosh darn second. Shante, wait is that the black woman? Yeah I know who you're talking about. I was the partner who interviewed her a few weeks back. So, uh, what kind of things is she doing? I feel like she’s just not a team player. She works pretty hard, but she doesn’t make much of an effort... get to know the other members of the team, and she’s actually become better friends with the client than with us. It’s really just kind of weird. Huh, that's pretty strange. Makes you wonder if she’s a good fit for our corporate culture here. You know that makes me angrier than a crawdad who just ate a bunch of bad jalapeno sauce. You know I’m thinking that we might need to “trim the fat” if you're catching my drift. I’m catching all that drift. I guess we’ll just have to see how things go in the coming weeks. You're a good man Bill, your pappy would be proud of you. God rest his soul. Come in. Hey Shante. Alright, so I've got your performance evaluation right here. Go ahead and take a look. You ended up receiving about an average review. You are a hard worker and we appreciated that. You should be proud of yourself. So one of the primary things that you can work on for next time, is to really make an effort... be a part of the team, to develop those relationships, and be more of a team player. I don’t get it! I mean, I’m a hard worker. I was working more than everyone else in our team. And I was expecting a promotion. So I don’t get this! You know, I hear what you're saying, but at this firm we really emphasize teamwork and being a part of a cohesive group. That's really an integral part of our organization. So you really need to be able to step it up in that area. I don’t deserve this! I’m so sorry. Oh my gosh. I feel like they are just not even willing to consider my perspective. I’m working as hard, if not harder than anyone else on the team. I don’t feel like I am going to be able to rise through the company in an environment like this. I wonder if I should even leave public accounting altogether, and find somewhere where African Americans are valued. Was it just me, or was she a little upset back there? Well I mean, man, if she’s upset, I just don’t know why we just don’t tell her… ...we're sorry

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Skit 2 (T1213)

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