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Speaker Donald Brown

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[Music] Greetings. Here's my story: As a young anthropologist Donald Brown. Anthropologist I conduted doctoral research in the South-East Asian state of Brunei. One day there, three young men and I were seated and conversing on a river front. We were alone. Tiring of my seat, I slipped down to sit on the walkway. The young men quickly dropped to the walkway too. I realized at once that they did it not because they too were uncomfortable, but because in Brunei culture it is not polite to sit higher than another person unless you considerably outrank him. Now it was not my custom to be worried about seating levels and it was informal anyway, so I protested urging them to resume their seats. They said it wouldn't look nice I said there was no one around to notice One of them closed the matter by pointing a quarter-mile across the river to where people just might see us. For years, I related this story to illustrate difference to show the extremetiy of Brunei concern with rank. But in later years, I began to think about human universals the features common to all humans. I then realized that the story I told is prevaded with universals The young men, like people everywhere were concerned with what other people thought about them. With politeness, and with rules. Furthermore, the exchange between them and me involved the universals of language, gesture, tone of voice body language, facial expressions, conversational turn-taking memory, assessment of context, explanation, and more. In my lectures, I had ignored those entirely common and largely unconcious features of human life. Instead, I had focused on a mere quantitative difference between the young men and me. After all, high and low symbolize rank in the west too. There's a lesson to be learned from my story but first, let us begin to see some of the hundreds of Human universals that I have documented. [Music] [Numerous universals flash on the screen, including: Romantic love, baby talk, affection, conflict, cooperation folklore, gossip, disgust, surprise. insulting, jokes magic, medecine, possessiveness, promises, shelter tools, territorality, prohibition of rape, hope] Here's the lesson: Humans are, and must be sensitive to difference but too much focus on difference lurks behind way too much human conflict. Today, celebrating what we all have in common you should find hope in realizing how rich and numerous those commonalitites are. [Applause]

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