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The Venus Project - Inside the New Cities (Repository)

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You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. The point is you have to learn how to expect change and how to step into the future without pain. - Video Series - Phase 2 Inside the New City - And how long will it take to build these cities? - I would say it would take approximately 10 years to change the surface of the Earth with multiple jigs and giant machines, not brick layers or plasterers, [but] high-tech systems. In about 10 years, there would be garden cities all over the world, but we would have to level most of the old cities and mine them for steel, glass, whatever we can get from them. After we level the cities, we might keep a few cities as museum cities to show people what people used to live in and to show kids of the future what the world used to be, just as the pyramids would be preserved. This is inside the new city. This is just where people live: flowers, gardens, no slums, no street people, no hungry people. Hi, my name's Andrew Buxton. I’m the co-founder of The Venus Project Design with my partner, Julita Wielgat. We started working for The Venus Project two years ago to help them develop the physical models that Jacque has done throughout his life with Roxanne into 3D CGI for use in future films and media. We’re also building up a global database of scientists and technicians, engineers, architects, etc, which we intend to use at a later date, if any countries, or if there's a global move towards a Resource-Based Economy that we would be in a position to be able to help build teams, globally, to begin the design of the first cities. In ancient Rome they had to use a lot of columns to support a structure. Now you can have a structure way out without any braces or anything. The old architect says "It looks bad. You've got to put some braces there!" You don’t need them anymore. The old airplanes were braced all over the place. Now the wings are tough enough to hold themselves up. If you cling to the romantic concepts of the German house or the Swedish house, you know, with all the lines, or English architecture, then you’re dead. You’re living the life of a dead person that influenced you at school. Let’s now do architecture that’s relevant to the best of new materials. Video Series - Phase 2 For Press Inquiries Contact: [email protected]

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Posted by: ltiofficial on Nov 23, 2011

A 3D tour inside a TVP city system and the TVP Design project, with Jacque Fresco and Andrew Buxton as guides.

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