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CASA Documentary Trailer

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[Classical music playing] >>Man: Where ever you see charter school in private ascension, you see gentrification. And black America's been hurt by that more than anybody. >>Woman: The concept of educating children has been very narrow. >>Student: I'm more than a test. You can't measure me with a test. >>Man: The Bronx has an amazing history of commute organizing. How can we use school as a tool or a vehicle to address that deeper history. I think it's a much more interesting conversation than just trying to fix school. [Hip Hop music playing] >>Jamal: My name is Jamal Bowman. I'm the founding principle of Cornerstone Academy for Social Action Middle School, CASA for short. We're located in the Northeast Bronx. [Hip Hop music playing] >>Man: He's starving for knowledge. Learning should be inspiring. >>Student: The best principle I've ever had. The most involved principle I've ever had. >>Student: And I was very impressed by his passion. >>Student: I love how the school looks. I love how the school feels. >>Jamal: We are the highest combine gross score average. That propelled us into the top 17% of Middle School throughout New York City, according to their 3rd party standardized test. In house we measure our own student progress. >>Man: Hip Hop represent the rebirth for Black civilization in America. >>Man: Hip Hop is rooted in community service. The DJ started the culture of Hip Hop. And the MC was the one who shout it out. Of all the celebrities coming to the party, the Beat boy which was created by the DJ when he extended the Break Beat, and all the dancer will show off their favorite moves, and the gang used to mark their territory through graffiti. The fifth element is acknowledged yourself. Knowing your ancestor heritage. >>Jamal: PLE, math, science, social study, humanity, dance, sports, arts, should all be corporated into a comprehensive curriculum for all children. >>Student: I know when there's something more that I need. Academic alone isn't cutting. >>Jamal: They don't believe that they could learn in their creative holistic way. >>Woman: There is still this sense NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND that we need to help all kids without the commitment to investment for it. >>Woman: The private industry has profited from these so called narrative. >>Man: Hip Hop roles as a respond to the oppression [inaudible] trauma. And CASA is rising as a respond of the oppression and bad policy in public school. >>Student: I remember that when talk about [Inaudible] about the rule of the world, when music touches lives. >>Recording: First performance at the United Nations... >>Student: I didn't know that was really a thing. >>Student: I wanna make an [Inaudible] to getting like help improve peoples life. >>Student: You don't hear about that in the Bronx. Getting to school like MIT. >>Man: Be something that I've never seen before, >>Man: And I've been on the phone with Mr. Bowman and they're like, "Yo, you talk to your boss like that? Oh, I could never." What else why your school trash? [Hip Hop music playing] C.A.S.A C.A.S.A An C.A.S.A An Education C.A.S.A An Education Revolution Hip Hop Blvd A JOHWELL ST-CILIEN FILM DONATE TODAY WWW.CASADOCUMENTARY.COM

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