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Hello, I grab the opportunity to ASLize from this poem This poem is written by who??? My sister, Dianne Kinnee She wrote this poem a long while ago in 1994. This poem showed up and disappeared, showed up and disappeared, again, and again. I have seen this poem shown and disappeared, again, shown and disappeared Now, just this week, this poem came back. I was awed at this I mulled over this... then I got an idea about this poem to be ASLized. I went ahead and discussed with my sister. I asked for her permission to ASLize this poem She said, "Go Ahead!" I said, "Yes!" I felt honored to ASLize this poem Di, that's her sign name, Di. She used to work as a clinical social worker in the mental health field for many, many years She worked closely with various kinds of people who came to receive the services. Deaf people who came as oralists; using speech, with no sign skills, some with little signs some with average signs, some with highly skilled ASL usage. They went and discussed... She listened to ALL of them. listening to them... She noticed the common complaints with their loved ones, their hearing co-workers, and friends from the Deaf people. All to the point, that is, Communication Barriers between them and theirs. The Deaf people felt and expressed frustration felt left out, felt stressed out. They wanted to leave as soon as they could... various reasons... Really, a few are exceptional to this, like making everyone to communicate with Deaf person. So, that's what she decided to focus on the subject, Communication barriers just communication itself. I inform you that her original poem is on her Facebook infomration page You type Dianne Kinnee on Facebook Then you check on her information page You will see the poem on the page. The original poem! She is concerned about the other people changing her poem Some without her name. Someone went ahead and removed her name. This is really hers. I let you know, if you see the poem without her name, put her name in, Dianne Kinnee, please. Thank you. What is it like to be Deaf? People have asked me. Deaf? Oh, do I explain that? Simple: I can't hear. No, is much more than that. It is similar to a goldfish in a bowl, (fish swimming, that is me in that fish inside the bowl, observing...) Always observing things going on. People talking at all times. (Me as fish observing their talking. ) It is like a man on his own island Among foreigners. (Alone) Isolation is no stranger to me. Relatives say hi and bye, But I sit for 5 hours among them, Taking great pleasure at amusing babies Or being amused by TV. Reading books, helping out with food, resting. Upon seeing great laughter, crying, anger, natural curiosity perks up... Inquiring only to meet with a "Nothing," "Nevermind," "Oh, it's not important'. Getting a summarized statement Of the whole day. I'm supposed to smile to show my happiness. Little do they know how truly miserable I am. People are in control of language usage, I am at loss, and really uncomfortable there. Always feeling like an outsider Among the hearing people, Even though it was not their intention. Always assuming that I am part of them By my physical presence, not understanding The importance of communciation Facing the choice between Deaf Event weekend Or a family reunion. Facing the choice between the family commitment And Deaf friends. I must make the choices constantly, Any wonder why I choose Deaf Friends??? I get such great pleasure at the Deaf clubs, Before I realize it, it is already 2:00 am, Whereas I anxiously look at the clock Every few minutes at the Family Reunion. With Deaf people, I feel so normal Our communication flows back and forth. Catch up with little trivial, our daily life, Our frustration in the bigger world, Seeking the mutual understanding, Contended smiles and laughter are musical. So magical to me, So attuned to each other's feelings. True happiness is so important. I feel more at home with Deaf people Of various color, religion, short or tall (Awesome) Than I do among my own hearing relatives. And you wonder why? Our language is common. We understand each other. Being at loss of control of the environment that is communication, people panic and retreat to avoid Deaf people like the plague. But Deaf people are still human beings With dreams, desires, and needs To belong, just like everyone else. This was written by my sister, Di, Dianne Kinnee

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Posted by: kkinnee on Aug 9, 2012

ASLized this poem, "What is it like to be Deaf?" written by Dianne Kinnee.

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