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Augmented Reality - Explained by Common Craft

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I think we can all agree the reality is pretty great. It is what we experience through our senses like our eyes and phones with cameras The Internet is awesome too but The Internet and reality have a hard time working together. Thankfully this is changing quickly new tools mean that the world around you can now be seen with a layer of new information, from the Internet This is augmented reality explained by Commoncraft. If you’ve ever seen a movie with a fighter pilot you‘ve seen the pilot’s view from the cockpit but something is missing the pilot is later information that adds useful items to his view of reality Recently this kind of way of sort of of working on your smart phone but it is not a flight data do you have data about the world around you. It is augmented reality Let’s say you are hungry at a busy intersection There are multiple restaurants around you but you don’t have a good way to make the decision Now thanks to new software on mobile phones You can simply pointer force can read building around and voilá Restaurants are magically recognized and a layer of information about the restaurant appears on the screen. Another example is shopping you can point your camera at the product and see later information about it like prices at the same product and stores in the area or on the internet And this funcionality only requires a few things: firts a smarthphone with the camera capture reality second conecting with the internet for resived later information Third, software on your phone to bring all together It also have to have a phone with GPS and the compass you have established the location Augmented reality can also work with the camera at test your computer You can hold products in front of the camera and see a later information on your screen They make reality more interesting, and even fun This example so just at beginning In the future you will wear glasses with a tiny display that you can see where walking At you walk by stores, buildings, people and places This screen displays information from says wikipedia, or google. Suddenly your reality is richer and more interesting It’s comming but augmented reality has a long way to go. Keep your eye out for ways of augmented reality as layers of new information to your reality I’m Lee Lefever and this is been aumented reality explained by common craft.

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Posted by: silviatic on Dec 17, 2010

An introduction to a new technology that adds a layer of useful information to the "reality" we see on screens of mobile phone and computers.

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