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Jacque Fresco - Animal Behavior, 'Instinct', Modifying Values (Repository)

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I can't in equal time, win a debate. I don't want debate. I want dialogue in the future, sharing ideas. If the minister says "What makes plants grow?" if I was able to show him the rays of the sun and then the plant bringing the sap up through the middle and the used sap going down through the outside, if I could show him the anatomy of growth, [then] he says "Yes, but what makes that flow that way?" "[It's] temperature differences and electrical conductivity." "How is that generated?" If the priest was smart, he'd say "How do you do that?" "As the fluids move through the membranes, they generate electric currents." See, if he doesn't know all of those things, if he says "Yes, but what makes it work?" "Those that don't work don't exist anymore. There were many plants that didn't work." He doesn't know that. He doesn't know that there were many birds that pecked at their young when they were hatched and killed them. That species is gone. You have to show, that for every advance, inventors made thousands of things that didn't work. You understand that. Artists made terrible drawings before they learned to make better drawings. (R. Meadows)- Jacque, can you talk about the experiment you did with birds and the beaks? - The beaks? I did talk about that. - Oh you did? Sorry, putting the food in the beaks that were moving. (Man)- Oh no, you didn't say that one. - How you built the automated birds, and they - Oh, that one. A bird would drop worms into the mouths of the baby birds, because they move a lot, like that; and the bird that didn't move too much didn't get fed. He kept putting worms in the open mouths, so I figured, I'd try an experiment and made a plastic mouth that moved more than a real bird, and they kept dropping the worms into the plastic thing. So, birds don't have an instinct to feed their young. They react to moving, open mouths. I wanted to know "How does a bird know to feed its young." There is no bird that says "You've got to feed the young, or they'll die." What is instinct? I wanted to know what the word was. How does a bird know how to do that? The birds that don't know how to do that are gone. - Jacque, the birds bring food back. Do they bring food back even when the babies aren't there? They just bring food back, right? - No, the birds bring food back... They eat the food, but when they have babies, and the babies move and squawk, if they don't feed them, they die out, that species. If they drop worms in, they reproduce. - But do they bring food back anyway whether they have babies or not?" - No, they do not bring food back. They don't even build a nest. They don't even build a nest unless they are pregnant. When they're pregnant, internal secretions change their behavior, and that change in behavior is either feeding your young very little, or a lot. If you feed them too little, they die. Every bird that hatches pecks at the other birds. If they are a little weaker, they push them out of the nest. Did you know that? Even the birds push their own young out of a nest. - Do you know if birds bring their food back to their nest even if there's no babies? - No, they do not. - When there's no babies, they don't... - They don't. - Only when there's babies in there? - Well then, there's another bird called the butcher bird. It takes things and hangs it on thorn bushes, and they thought that the butcher bird stores food, because you'll find gum wrappers, some silver foil paper, hanging on thorns. They collect all kinds of stuff. They don't collect food, but your school books have a propensity to say the butcher bird stores things on thorn bushes, as though they only store food. So, the real job is to try to figure out what this 'hereditary mechanism' is. When you said the alligators protect their young, this is true. If you come near baby alligators, the mother will swim over and try to keep you from getting anywhere near its babies. There were alligators that don't do that. They're not around anymore. (Man)- I feel I don't fully understand the mechanism that drives that because someone would say "Oh, that's an instinct to protect the young." - No, I'm going to try to explain. If I fail, you have to let me know, now. Some alligators have a tendency to protect all their young. They keep them all in one place. Some alligators swim around a lot and come back occasionally because they can't count. They don't know whether one's missing, or 3 are missing. Alligators don't concern themselves with that, but they react a certain way. Let's say they don't inspect their young too much and some inspect them a little more. That tribe survives, and the others don't. So, there are only minor degrees of protection, and if they're born with more internal flow of a certain secretion, and they retain being fed when they were young, they tend to imprint on that; but they don't take care of their young because they care. They put them in their mouth and those that injure their young, and those that ate their young no longer exist. There are many animals, I don't know if you've read about them, that have young offspring, and when a bigger animal comes in, they eat their young so the big animal won't eat their young. Whatever it is that they do. They eat their young. Are you familiar with that, animals that eat their young? To protect them from the other animals, they say, so they eat them. That's no protection. Women have a chemical that's secreted when they're pregnant, not all women, and they feel 'on cloud nine', and they have appetites for unusual things. - Nurturing. - It's oxytocin, isn't it? - And what happens is, if a woman has a little bit of that, she feels "My God, how come I'm carrying this shit around?" If they have more secretion with a baby, they walk a certain way, and they feel good. If the women don't have enough of that, they don't reproduce as much, but they always start with very little feelings of well-being when they're pregnant, and if it gets stronger and stronger, they keep going and have babies; and women pick up the baby, and it smiles, and they look at it, because the options today are less; or if their options are more, if they have lots of options other than having children, they take a world cruise, instead of wipe the baby's ass every day and change the diapers and go into the room every time its screaming and crying, and rock it up and back. They go to the neighbor and say "Will you stay with the kids tonight? We'd like to go to a concert." Or, they hire a person called a babysitter to rock the crib, you know. There are women that do enjoy being with a baby, and there are women that say "Jesus Christ, I haven't been to a concert in years, or I haven't been to a play in years", and they hire people to do that. Some people that are wealthy enough, hire a mom to take care of the baby and nourish the baby. As long as they have no responsibility... The guy has absolutely no responsibility; it's all put on the women. The women are brought up "How would you like two children, a boy and a little girl?" A guy has got an ego, because the kids represent his name going into the future. I don't give a shit about those things. You know what I mean? My kids are the same as any other kids. They're just brought up with a different value system. No kid reflects you unless all that they inherit is the shape of the ears and nose, and the head, somewhat similar to you. The guy says "He's a replica." If the child misbehaves, he says "You got that from your mother. You didn't get that from me." Yelling all the time, you know, whatever it is. So, men do that, and women do the other thing, and kids whose daddy doesn't like their behavior says "Look, daddy, I inherited it from you!" - He [father] says "No, you're just disobedient." You know. He doesn't know all that. And so, people are full of shit. In the future, people will raise kids that are all the same as your own. They're little. They cry. They say "Me want that bottle", "Me want food", or "Me want to go in the carriage." You know. They can't say anything other than that. They're all alike. You wouldn't know they were children if they suddenly said "I disagree with you. I'd like proven evidence." You never see that in a child. I'm saying that the idea that your name will go into the future is something you're brought up with. You see movies of the happy family. I've never seen a movie where the wife has to wipe the baby's ass and change the diapers. They don't show that in movies. They just show the children playing, and the kids laugh, their cute little cheeks, but they don't show "Aah!" all day "Aah!" hitting each other, knocking things over, and getting food all over the floor, and the mother gets so tense, especially if they're poor, and she can't feed the kids well, and she can't take them to the doctor every time they're sick. He doesn't have the money. So she sits, and her husband is screwing around on the outside. She is up to here in stress. Sometimes she'll put a pillow over the kid and suffocate him, because it's just too much to carry. Can you understand that, or not at all? Sometimes she'll put the kid on the window ledge, hoping it'll fall out the window. It's just too much, when your husband doesn't own enough, if he's an alcoholic, screwing around; and you have piles of debt and shit, and you kill your kid. If you said to the judge "If you were under that stress", he'd say "I'd kill my kids sooner. I wouldn't wait that long." If you can see all the stress that people are under, that have kids, you can understand that, but a judge sits there and says, "How can you take the lives of your own children?" She can't explain that. She doesn't know why she does it, but I can assure you, more people would kill their kids, if they couldn't take care of them. It's the degree of stress. Now, do they love kids? They can't afford to put up with kids that scream, keep them awake all night, especially if the kids need medical attention. They can't provide that, and the husband's out drinking. He's an alcoholic. He can't take care of things. Why does he drink? Because he can say to the boss "Fuck you, and everybody associated with the company." Without alcohol, he can't say that. He gets tense. When he comes home, he says "Get out there and cook for me, honey." If she doesn't he says "Fuck you." When he drinks, he feels released. In the mechanistic society, children will learn how to deal with stress right away when they're very young. That means you're expecting something that didn't occur. "Oh yes, that's true. I expect it to work when I build an airplane, and I launch it, I expect it to fly, not to crash." Do you understand? So the kid is hurt. He talks to another kid. He can't convince him. He feels rejected. You know, all of that. When I talk to a person, and they reject what I say, I feel I don't know how to get to them. That's the proper word. Instead of saying "That son of a bitch; I couldn't get to him." You know what I mean? That's your expectations that hurt you, not the world. The world never hurts you. It's your own expectations that hurt. Do you understand that? If you're brought up that way, it's very different than hearing me speak. I can only get to you in certain areas that are acceptable. There are other areas you wonder about and hold it in abeyance, until you encounter this to be so. I can accelerate that process. That's all I can do. I can't say "He's a mechanist, now." I can't do that. In time, you will undergo change much faster than you would've gone before you came here. You'll have a different attitude after [hearing] 'Human Behavior'. That's normal, for certain people to behave a certain way. You'll understand that real well. I don't think people are wise enough yet to use technology intelligently, and I'm sorry about that. You know? You have to deal with the world as it is, not as you'd like it to be. You have to take people as far as they can go. I try to find a way, and I talk at the first sessions the same way. I say the same thing to people, as they come here and I give them the same examples, and they work. At seminars, I go into human behavior, agriculture, mass production of buildings, how to do that. I don't get a chance when a group of new people come over. I usually say the same thing unless they ask new questions, and they rarely can ask a new question. So the reason I say the same thing, is because people have the same questions. It isn't that I like to say the same thing over again, but I have to tell them that, because it works. That system, from what I've found out, works. If I find if I said something, [and] everybody walked out. I'm only basing my language on my own values. I must base it on their values. I use very simple examples. If you were raised in Germany, you'd be a German. They could understand that. It's not that people, they say the leaders come at the right time. The way the Lord's got it arranged. But conditions are ripe now for social change, all over the world. I don't know what you can use in this tape, but there might be some stuff.

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Part of a 5 hour April 17, 2011 talk on many in-depth issues. These clips include animal behaviors and "instinct". Also covers changing people and considering other's background and set in your approach.

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