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Jacque Fresco from Project Venus 20/01/2010 pt9

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They laid out the red carpet, treated us very nicely, then they said, "What do you think of our society, as it is now?" I said, "I have to go all through it and I'll tell you." So, they flew us all over to their islands in the sea - Palm Island. We've been all through Dubai. And they fed us real well. Then I said, "It's not going to work." They said, "What do you mean?". They got angry. I said, "Don't get angry. Listen to me." If you have a system that depends on tourists, if there's an economic dip in the world, you are not going to get any tourists. So they said, "But we have... We are building a lot of things..." I said, "Like what?" "We build a big, big desalinization plant..." "...that converts salt water to drinking water." And I flew over. We landed. I looked it over. I said, "What do you do with the water?" They said, "We built the world's biggest water park, where you slide down the hill and all..." I said, "That is unsane." Not insane; unsane means not bright. I said, "You live in a desert country." "You should build hydroponic gardens..." You know what that is? Soil-less agriculture. "You should build and import all materials you have scarcity of..." You build for tourists; every building is different size. You got architects all over the world in Dubai and they're all egotists. They build a tall building, with their name on it. So... Architect Jones... Architect Smith... "That's the bullshit world, so what you need is something like this." "...Survival system." Then later on, in the creative world- which I'll get into a little later- in the creative world you go into detail, but I better finish this. All these road ways are very dark... black. And there's piping underneath it running up and back. In Florida you get 50 Watts for every square yard. So, you pay no electric bills, you burn no fossil fuels... ...and heat and cold... and these indoor agriculture, outdoor agriculture... but you don't own anything. There are hundred bicycles right here, and you ride to the country. You check 'em out. This way... You go to the golf- if you play golf, I don't, I can't at all- but if you do there's a club house. When you get in you check out the clubs you want... play... leave them there. This way you lug all the crap home, you got a closet full of crap- you get what I'm talking about? It goes much further that way. I've been working on this all my life. You understand that? [Interviewer: How do we get rid of a person's ego - the need to control things?] Oh... I'm gonna answer that. I'll answer that. Ok. When I was a kid, other kids used to say "My plaid is better than yours." That's ego. I met one kid, very different... I built a strange air plane. I never built anything normal. Rotary wings, not propellers. The wings rotated. I built all kinds of strange air planes. Do you understand that? Alright, and the normal kids used to make fun of me. "What the hell is that supposed to be?" But, I worked alone a lot. Because I didn't depend on approval of other kids. If you depend on that, you become normal. So, I did not seek approval. I seek solving the problem of the airplanes that didn't fly, that I made. So, a guy came over- an older guy- and he watched one of my planes dive into the ground. And I was sitting there scratching my head. He says, "You know Jacque, your wing is too far back." I said, "Where did you get that idea from?" He said, "I made the same mistake you did." So, I didn't make a mistake. I didn't know any better. So, I put my wing a little forward and it didn't do that. And he was extensional to me. Not "My plaid is better than yours." That's ego. When you are extensional to other people, they are more extensional to you. Ego is a high price you pay for self-approval, losing the broad point of view of working together, instead of being competitive... sharing ideas. So, we raise kids in our schools to share values... So... Did I tell you about the island in the middle of the lake? Now in that system, when they get to the craft shop, they can build an automobile. But it won't go together unless four kids lift up the car, and the other put the wheels on. So, we don't say cooperate; they don't and it won't go together. [Interviewer: You just build it into the system.] Right. You understand what I'm talking about so you can answer questions. Alright, so... When they ask you, "Who makes the decisions?" You say, "No one. They arrive at decisions." That's like testing agriculture... [Interviewer: That's like the old...] Scientific method. [Interviewer: No, the original people in the United States, they came to decisions as a community... You know, the men would talk...] They put it to test. If things... Like engineers don't say, "This is the strongest wire made." The other engineer says, "I don't understand." "Well, it's tensile strength is so much." He says, "That much, is it?". Then he puts it in a machine, tears it. He says, "You're right." I love that system. When we designed airplanes we figured the wings will hold 25 pounds per square foot. That's safe. Then we put sand bags on it until it breaks to see the calculations are right. I like that system. Then when we finish building an airplane we pull it up off the ground and drop it to see if the landing gear holds it. Even though your calculation say it will, we don't trust that either. So, I like that system. And that's the system we used in that. Suppose a guy come up to me and says, "Suppose a guy wants to build a swept-forward wing, and another guy wants to build a swept back-wing." Who decides? We build swept-forward, swept-back, all kind... why not? Why do you have to be this or that? That's only in the money system. They have limited funds. With resources available, we'll give every lab whatever they need. No more nickels and dimes. "We would like a new extension to study diseases of the eye." "Well, that'll take a few years... to raise the money." We got the resources. We'll build the shelters. We'll build what we need. Again, nobody owns anything. You don't own it anyway. You got 20 acres of land... you kick the bucket, somebody else is there. So, all you... You really don't want money. You don't want to own anything. What you want is access to what you need. [Interviewer: To be able to do what your soul is longing to do.] Yes, except hurt other people. So, we'll go to work on you, if you do. We won't put you into prison. OK, we're not kind or good... we know that the old system is crude. They didn't know how to solve problems, so they made laws. Or guy speaks and somebody says, "Do you understand?" The guy says, "No." He yells, "Damn it! I told you this." And then if he makes a fist. Then he punches. Because he doesn't know how to reach other people. Whenever you use your fist, like, If a guy wants to hurt you... a lot of people are angry in the world today... they'll come over and try to hurt you and say, "Where did you get that shirt? Salvation Army?" Now, if you say, "Well, I paid more for that than you paid for your whole outfit", he's succeeded in hurting you. The proper answer is: "I found it in the reject pile of The Salvation Army." See? The guy can't hurt you. You see what I mean? A lot of people get angry... "Weren't you married three times?" "No, eleven." See? So, they're trying to hurt you when they come up with something like that. "Wasn't your father once in prison?" "No, eleven times." They can't hurt you. There's a lot of people out there very unhappy in the world... and they want to punch the hell out of each other. And that injures their brain. They become senile earlier. So there'll be no prize fight. Not that I don't like them. They're not good for people. And they say, "Why? What's the matter with the prize fight? Two guys there..." "What's the matter with the bull fight?" The bull sometimes... in Spain they have a bull run down the street and people get the hell out of way... that's normal to that culture. We will outgrow that through education. You can't outlaw it. You can educate them out of it. So, all the things that we consider normal, like a young lady flying an airplane upside down through a hangar... it's to amuse a lot of sick people. They don't need to fly upside down to show me how good you are. Or people, at least when I was a kid... I don't think you've ever seen this. But people used to sit on a telephone pole for seven days. People would bring them food- to break a record. Why? Because people didn't exist. They had no recognition. So they'll sit around on a telephone pole or they walk a tightrope between two sky scrapers. And next year nobody comes to see them unless their brother-in-law is on their shoulder, while they are walking the tightrope. Then they got the nephew on his shoulders.

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Jacque Fresco from Project Venus 20/01/2010 pt9

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