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- I liked how that goes. - OK. So that's a little bit of a magic trick, right? I don't even think it's going to be that bad, 'cause I've got solo only from this mix which the tones, does the rides. I just need the no solo thing 'cause then all we're doing is taking this piece of music and pop it in there and put the solos over it, so I should be able to do it, it shouldn't be a big deal. Let's ask you, all the things we're talking about, like, you got to do this thing on "Black Squirrel", and you gotta do this thing and this thing... Are we going to be able to hear this stuff tonight? - Some of it, yeah. - Huh? Or when you send it to the mastering lab, he could send it to you too. My guess is me and Andrew will be awake at 4am. So, if you're here tonight at 4am, yes, you'll be able to hear it. "Squirrel" is going to be done a few hours after we leave here and then I'm moving on to the next thing, which is this, because I think it's probably the biggest deal. ...then everything else after that will be pretty late. Do you want at the same time that it gets emailed to you? - I just want... - DigiDelivery for sure. I just want to hear it all in... The earlier we can hear it obviously when we put it all together... My biggest thing is hearing... I just want to check all the guitar solos are loud enough. Everytime we're printing something, - it'll go to you. - Yeah, but that's not what I'm after so much. I'm after it all. I'm after hearing all 75 minutes. I don't need... "Here's one mix" and then two hours later, "Here's another". - As soon as I can hear all of it... - That will be tomorrow. And that will be mastered, and then you can still say, "In these two songs the solos aren't loud enough" and then they'll get the solo version to Ted and he'll pop them in and then you'll hear it again. Even if it's as simple as that, even some of that can happen on Friday. Ted's not in on Friday, his assistant can cut in a solo. You should have a master-off between the assistants. Maybe....assistant is better than Ted's assistant. ... assistant's pretty good.

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Posted by: brynarth on Sep 1, 2008

Metallica Music Video

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