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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: A chat with Horror This is the manifested construct of horror, within the mind consciousness system giving perspective of how and why I exist and my current influence in human being's definition of themselves according to and through the mind in itself now horror is, being presented in so many different ways within this reality with this world that which you existed actually created for yourself by yourself horror such as war starvation famine that's actual horror in this world plague diseases, abuse molestation rape now have a look at this- interesting point you have apparent horror movies which take an experience- presentation to the extreme through visualization through holographics and it is fascinating because beings will react to the center of their being when they watching a horror film or movie all sorts of emotions and reactions come through and come up but when they will watch the news and see the horror that is actual horror within and of this world they will be- silence no experience no realization, no insight understand in the beginning of this reality this world war, for example was designed as meanings of entertainment for beings now understand what does entertainment mean entertainment is used as a form of control to access the mind of human beings so what you'd call entertainments is actually tools to use to access- the resolve of human beings to be able to see where exactly are human beings within their mind set and from there human beings have been used as lab rats to design systems, as this world within which it currently exist and exactly how this world operate at the moment human beings are but tools of a greater empire to be established in this world in this reality as this world as this reality the only way to do that is to use human beings- as the tool to be able to build establish design the ultimate kingdom so to speak the ultimate rule the ultimate control the ultimate power and it has been going on for many many many years and if you have a look at where the world system is at the moment it's quite- it's getting there slowly but surely so horror films and horror movies within which horror is experienced and generated is released to, within being's communication about how they experience the film see and assess and analyzed this how high- an extensive human being's fears especially fear levels are because if being's fears so intense and openly reviewed a directly opening to manipulate and control because fear opens the mind and if the mind is opened so to speak, it is easily penetrable and then that's where the television in itself comes in it- consist of and exist as and the same with internet so realize that if you react in anyway to a horror film or a horror movie those reactions are so designed through media that you actually think or believe they are real and then you actually miss the real reality, the real horror- which is what this world has become and you won't see that, you won't notice all that exist is that your movies which 'entertain' you apparently because the entertainment provided within this world is not enough it's not- good enough to keep you busy and preoccupied and that's why horror films and film industry and television etc. were designed and developed it took years and years of preparation to bring you the television in itself into evolve human beings with the television and what is presented on television in media in cinema internet newspapers magazines this was preplanned years and years, before it's time but see human being's mind needs to be conditioned needs to be designed needs to be created so those beings behind it all are obviously very much patient they know exactly how human beings operate because they design them so get, your nose, your eyes off for what is presented as extravagant entertainment and start seeing here, as what is real what is actually going on in this world that is what is real, that is! the real horror thank you very much More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Duration: 8 minutes and 38 seconds
Country: South Africa
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Producer: Desteni Production
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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Apr 4, 2010


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