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Oliver Janich Bilderberg 2011 (Parteidervernunft)

0 (0 Likes / 0 Dislikes) So we are here at the anti-bilderberg conference which is taking place in St. Moritz. Meanwhile the real Bilderberg conference is taking place down the vilage. with Oliver Janich who's the founder of the Vernunftpartei - Party of Reason I wanted to ask you. What was the main reason why you founded the party? The reason why i found the "Party of Reason" is because there was not such a party. It is mainly libertarian party. so we want the people to decide for themselves what they want and I searched on the internet if there is such a party and there was not. So I found it The distinction you gave during your speech between the globalization and the globalist agenda Could you repeat it for listeners? The difference between globalisation and globalists: Globalization is a good thing for trading with other countries because if the trade is on voluntary basis, it's usefull for both sides. So globalization is a good thing, but the globalists who are here at the Bilderberg conference - they want central control. So the force countries into wars so they can steal the commodities and so on and their oil. But this is not capitalism. Real capitalism is on voluntary basis and is good for everybody. Could you name three most influential individuals on the ideology of your party. Who would they be? Fridrich August von Hayek He won the nobel price and he did a good thing. He never wanted to work for state university but he did a good so he could get the nobel prize excluded from these s at one of the fathers of the list of school of economics and had been the nuances uh... telusplanet germany it would not bother your business model use of the the guys hinojosa ricky published a book at could you for shooting for your listeners who cares about yet either the book is called the capitalist conspiracy at the secret probably took their tactics uh... that i want to get last weeks to read the book this is why i sms that type of capitalist conspiracy but the truth for this there's a conspiracy against capitalism these other guys this conspiracy thanks babe what's the difference on the basis of the ostensible that explain politics toward freedom reports with proper care about so much the second part of the purpose of a propaganda for a part of the focus which scoops interest groups and uh... make this propaganda and why and four thirty three most important points in your program of your party a little very most proud of it yes i'm proud of off a couple of other problems with but the muck post-partum thing gets abolished central bank itself that you have the freedom of choice so it's not money to do so um... this most important thing and we went to the three year old of course then we have uh... zero eight complex soared ahead of the switch i like it switzerland here that uh... government only gets a the attached file of five percent of this is what the government becomes and the rest is decided it that it will make sure and in the top problem meetings and before i think it's the fight against talk change lie disciplined life verified has nothing to do with dr and this is one of uh... so that's the most part thank you very much i have been speaking with mary i think comparable to chairman directly reasoning in germany uh... distributor definitely hoping for your review

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Oliver Janich Bilderberg 2011 (Parteidervernunft)

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