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El parvulario interactivo

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Ok Oh! That's a tortoise! One... two...and.... Chocolate cake Here you are Oh! Another chocolate cake! Sit down there I can't do that Yes you can Whose is this initiative? It is from Hermanos de La Salle. You know that La Salle is pioneer in new teaching technology, and in the same moment when the nursery school was made it was said: "Computers are not going to be missed for P3 children". Two new computer classrooms had been built and children are using them since that date. We saw that this initiative was amazing children were very motivated so they pay more attention and they learnt much more. So we thought about doing a research for demonstrate that it really works. Do you know what do you have to do now Gina? You have to do hands up You have to explain her, she doesn't know how to do that. Is it demonstrated that these children learn more, better and faster with computers? The same as you did when you were a child they do it now But we add when they go to the computer classroom and they can do other activities there. Therefore, these activities complement the previous ones. So that makes the learning to be stepped up. Is it easy or is it very hard? No. Where are three? Here Here? No. Here. Here!!! That is a laptop with interactive screen. Everything that is on the PC Has been created on this group that we call it Matic. We have created in a personalized way what we wanted them to learn But this is very expensive. But the parents doesn't have to pay anything. Anything, really? No. That is an investment that the school did when it was built. And do you think that a public school could do that? I think that there are some public schools that had been working with this initiative, and they have prepared classrooms with computers too. How many hours per week do they do the workshop with computers? It is gradual. We start with one hour in P3 in the first term. Then two hours in the second term for ending the third term with three hours per week. P4 and P5 they do three hours per week, doing each of one area: maths, language and environmental studies. Look at me: Two Did she do it well? Yes!!!! One, two... three And he did: One, two three Very well Telmo. Let the pencil there and clean the board. Who do you want to come here? Gina When they are older, do they use the same PC´s? No, it is different. The computer is not a laptop it is a desktop computer. For the youngest we thought in a laptop because of the touchscreen. And they, since they are very young, can start working with the stylus. But the oldest ones, they use desktop computers. Can they work from their own homes? Exactly. They can do some exercises and send them to the teacher. That's very good for teachers! They have a support. They have less work! That is not truth, we have to demystify it. The teachers have less work in the classroom time but there is a previous work... We have created this software but before it we had to think: The curricular objective that we have to work, in which way we are going to do it, which work we are going to prepare, With what programs.... So we have to use many hours to do this planning. But once it is made, that is all. So in that moment it is very easy! Because children work quietly, Very motivated, you can see that they are learning a lot. Do they follow the book and the workbooks? I will have to continue taking notes in the classes. Of Course. You have to pay attention, Write the important things And I don't know if in a few years maybe they take notes in the same computer like if it were Palm. It is said that the new illiterated people will be the people who don't know how to use a PC. Exactly, yes, yes. For this reason, we start now Since they are very Young, Not only with the traditional letter but the technologic literacy.

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Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Balzac Media SL
Director: Hector Milla
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Posted by: hectormilla on Dec 5, 2008

Más que nativos digitales estos niños de apenas tres años son los nuevos alfabetos digitales, los nacidos en una nueva era. En el parvulario de La Salle Bonanova los pequeños de P3 y P4 han elevado su media de aprendizaje gracias a los nuevos hábitos que pasan por los tablets, por la interactividad, por la tactilidad y el lenguaje de las representaciones, más que por el anacrónico abecedario. ¿Cómo le llamaremos a esta nueva generación? Las pistas en este estudio.

Vestuario: Dorins | Música: Matmos ‘Action At A Distance’ | Agradecimientos a Mercé Parcerisas, jefa de estudios de educación infantil del Parvulario La Salle Bonanova en Barcelona | Producción: Balzac Media | Condiciones de uso: Creative Commons.

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