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Ban fracking and shale gas in Europe and beyond!

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Shale Gas & Fracking Natural gas has been touted as an efficient, abundant and low-carbon energy resource. But one method of extraction - hydraulic fracturing, also called 'fracking' involves high-risk activities that can have a evastating impact on health and the local environment. Fracking involves drilling a hole to up to 4 kilometres underground into shale rock. A mix of water, sand and chemicals is then pumped in under high pressure. The shale rock is fractured and natural gas is discharged. Today, industry wants to establish shale gas production and fracking in Europe. So why should we be concerned? First of all, an enormous amount of fresh water is required. Each fracking operation can use around 19 million liters of water throughout its life. That's enough to supply almost 1000 Europeans for a year. And then there is the toxic waste fluid. Each frack pumps 80-300 tons of toxic chemicals into the earth, including volatile organic compounds, plasticizers and petro-chemicals. Add to this the radioactive elements and heavy metals which are dislodged from deep underground, and carried to the surface by the fracking process. The result is toxic, radioactive waste fluid: a serious threat to people's health, especially local residents. So what happens to it all? Some of the waste fluid is (intentionally) evaporated, creating airborne carcinogens. The remainder is then hauled 'away'... Most water treatment facilities are not equipped to deal with toxic mixture, heavy metals, nor radioactivity. And, even so, up to 80% of the toxic fluid injected underground is simply left there. Leaks, spills, faulty equipment and human error only add to the significant risk that the fracking process will contaminate our fresh water supplies. Clean water is our most important, most vital resource. More and more communities are expressing concern about fracking and shale gas Do we really want to risk our health just to prolong anunsustainable dependence on yet another - even dirtier - fossil fuel? Shale gas is not a solution for our energy future. Instead, we urgently need to turn to renewable energies and energy efficiency to meet our environmental, health and climate goals. Let's ban fracking and shale gas - before it's too late. Изменению климата - стоп. Сыграй свою роль в этом. Европейский Свободный Альянс Зеленых

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Posted by: multivack on Mar 12, 2013

Shale gas, a form of unconventional gas found in shale reservoirs, is now presented as being the new solution to our world's growing energy needs. However, despite the fact that more and more big businesses are pushing for the development of shale gas accross the world, its production poses serious threats to the climate, the environment and to local communities.
The Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament joined by key European NGOs FOEE, F&W Europe and Heal want to shed light on all the irreversible impacts that could result from the development of this new energy source and call for a immediate ban on fracking and shale gas in Europe... and beyond.

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