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Introducing WordPress for BlackBerry (beta)

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Introducing the WordPress for BlackBerry public beta: a new way for BlackBerry owners to take their blog wherever they need to be. With support for all of the latest BlackBerry models, such as the 8700, Pearl, Bold, Storm, and Curve, WordPress for BlackBerry makes writing, editing, and managing your blog easier than ever. Once you're installed, adding a blog—or blogs—is simple. Add the URL and password, decide how many posts you'd like to pull down at a time, and decide if you'd like to resize your photos for speedy optimization or leave them full-sized. From the main menu, you can access your settings, and make tweaks to suit you. Selecting the name of the blog you wish to edit brings you here where you can choose between posts, pages, comments, or options. Selecting "Posts" shows you your list of recent posts, and gives you the option to edit them on the fly or add new content. Here, in addition to the familiar post editor, you can choose to set your post as public, private, pending review, or draft, whichever works for you. Add photos from your phone's built-in camera or your library. Assign categories, and make use of the Link Assistant for quickly adding links to the content in your post. Then, check out a preview of your post, and save—or publish—to suit you. Of course, if you prefer a little more space, landscape editing on supported models is also an option you might want to check out. Creating pages is just as simple, with all of the settings you'd expect to see, such as parenting and templates. And to make things even easier, you can moderate your comments on the road, too. You can do this in bulk, or if you want to edit or moderate your comments one at a time, the choice is yours. So, whichever BlackBerry suits your way of working, now you can use it to take charge of your WordPress blog. WordPress for BlackBerry beta: Your blog, wherever you need to be.

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Posted by: wordpresstv on Jul 20, 2009

In this two-minute overview, we walk you through the features of the new WordPress for BlackBerry application.

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