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Testimonio del Curso Chilexcelente (Primavera 2009)

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Watch this video after a long time to see if what you have learned led you to a different place ...clearly understand it and start applying now I was very pleased to meet different people that are all tuned to the same wave. The world is created in the talks. Commitment. ... and there is a kind of conversation, that is what creates opportunity. One's life depends on self and what you can do based on the conversations you have with other people The possibility of creating ... is exciting New skills to face the world of work ...and, it ceased to be a pilot training program we are on track and we are learning much of what we've done so far. That's it That they commit to their dream That they have dreams and commit to them. And with much affection, love doing things are done right. A place that, nowadays I do believe I can do to change I'm going to change it. Much better. With more future. With more... Projected more seriously to the future. Begin to build little by little links, nodes of people going to start working together and they will start to change Chile from the grassroots, little by little. My Chile is passionate my Chile is passionate I love my Chile, why I'm here. I think with more opportunities so I think mainly. I think there are many opportunities that one sometimes does not see, and with this as you can see them. I want to be someone who makes things happen not that things happen to me It is a Chile of possibilities, is a Chile of talented people, it is a Chile closer More action, I mean, do it right. Not to do it several times. That's it. Some people also need support with this sort of things with such initiatives, educating. I think this will be Chile of tomorrow, the education. Resolution. Enthusiasm. When i get enthusiastic is when I get more energy from somewhere, to do a thousand things. That's my favorite state. Ambition. That's the way I learned, being on fire, being with all the enthusiasm to do things in full, and when things are and when they come by themselves. That's it. Be happy ... it has a name. Glad. The joy. The ambition. Thanks for everything. You've given me an instance of learning that was a little weird, because I am neither a student or tutor, but I am in there I thank you for that. Acknowledgment, for the patience, for having... oriented us on this road. The truth... In truth, the guy knows. And certainly appreciate what he has done with us all. What you've done, have changed my mood that has opened possibilities for the future. and I am very thankful of that. And... that change his the car, definitely. Nothing more. By giving us the opportunity to receive and learn from him, I am very grateful for his dedication which gives the course, the desire. The love that he feels for Chile, and for making us all people who can pay tribute to our country and do things with good and with love. That he let his hair grow. The time, the good mood and willingness to ... to help us live together this way. So I'm, grateful for that, thank you. Take some time to your family... I mean, really I can tell that you believe in this, and... I... I believe we all realize that and we thank you very much. Ehhh I've learned a lot of learning thrusting my hands into the mud and... And finally The shoes on the street Being in the other sidewalk Interestingly, as, as we... Repeat the question Cristián García of of of, of the putting on boots and and and mmm collabo... collaboratively The... the excitement ... -Don't record me, don't record me, really, really -Do not be silly Another question -Oh no no Empower myself, empower myself... With just the fact of become aware of... empower myself, empower myself... I mean, this, this should be spreading it, must be ... empower myself, empower myself... Sex is a mood? I was, that I was ... a lazy shit Oops, that difficult I think the power as one... is exciting anything... generates hunger ... that's it. Now I feel very powerful, you know, I mean before I felt... no, I'm going no Hey, do not take me as an example. Please. ...I've learned is that you can help people That's it.

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Duration: 5 minutes and 52 seconds
Country: Chile
Language: Spanish (Spain)
Producer: Estímulo Creativo
Director: Pedro Mancilla
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Posted by: chilexcelente on Feb 5, 2010

Hablan alumnos del curso de liderazgo sobre el aprendizaje, lo que esperan para Chile, los estados de ánimo, más mensajes para Pepe Martínez (relator del curso) y otras cosas...

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