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Working with the Forces Within Nature - Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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Working with the Forces within Nature Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee The sacred within creation and the light of the sacred within creation and our relationship to the light of the sacred within creation has been erradicated, has been censured from our consciousness. It has been censured so successfully that we don´t even remember it anymore. It is not even in the stories of our mythology. You find it hinted at in the poem of a nature mystic. But it has gone. We no longer have a relationship to the inner worlds. And what people don´t realize, because we don´t even know they exist really in the same way, is the effect that it´s had on the inner worlds. I would say from the beginning, I find it quite interesting that in our culture, in the Christian culture, there is still the awareness of angels. Apparently it's very common in North American culture that people believe in angels. Angels belong to the world of light, they exist in the world of light -they´re very beautiful. In the Sufi tradition there are angels of power and angels of beauty, and some Sufi traditions work directly with the angelic world. And, it is interesting that they don´t belong to the manifest physical world, and we have kept them in our consciousness. Whether we really know how to consciously relate to them, I am not so sure. But for example, the devic world that belongs to the world of creation... They are the inner forces behind creation the devas-there are beautiful nature devas... There was an experiment, as many of you know, at Findhorn, in Scottland, to begin to work with the nature spirits again and there is always a joke as a result: in this very infertile land where they had the center they produce very large carrots. I´m sure they did more than that. But they brought a little bit into our consciousness, that there are these nature devas, that in other cultures, in different parts of the world are pretty much part of the collective consciousness. but, we´ve forgotten about nature devas. The whole world of nature spirits has actually receded, we can no longer directly access them like we used to. And I should say from the beginning that if we are in an ecological crisis, which is a crisis to do with the forces in creation, that are now working against us, you know, . we are interestingly destroying our own ecosystem. We are in this strange madness of a culture, of a race, that is actually destroying what it subsists on. It´s a very strange phenomenon that you´re actually destroying the very ground that nourishes you. The very air that you breathe you are polluting. I would have thought from the very beginning that if you wanted to redeem the balance in creation, you should work with the forces within creation, which are, of course, traditionally the nature devas. Some of them are very, very powerful; they understand the inner workings of nature. . Just as for example, in the shamanic tradition how were the certain tribes taught the healing properties of plants, taught how to take the poison out of animals. How were they taught it? Not through experimentation, . because the plants told them, because the animals told them, . because the spirits in nature told them the magic, healing properties within nature. There was a communication between the inner and the outer worlds that revealed the secrets within creation. And paradoxically we´ve actually got to this place of ecological imbalance that is becoming catastrophic, without any way of communicating with the forces within nature that understand how nature works. So we´ve made ourselves blind, without even realizing we´ve made ourselves blind. And this is phenomenally stupid among anything else. Because the nature devas are not just about growing big carrots, they are about the very forces of nature and how they work, and how they can be healed, and how they can be redeemed. But as we forgot, as the Divine became transcendent, as the priestesses and all the culture that supported the sacred within creation were burnt, were destroyed, were eliminated, so the inner world actually receded from our consciousness. It slowly separated. You can see that in various traces, as...I love Shakespeare; he talks about it. And the two worlds, the inner and the outer worlds became further and further apart. And this is the heritage that we have. This is, if you like, the secret that nobody is saying, which is -the ecological crisis is founded upon a very deep spiritual crisis in creation. ...

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"We serve life not because it is broken but because it is Holy" ~Mother Teresa

Excerpted from the talk 'Spiritual Ecology' given at the Mercy Center in Burlingame, CA on December 3, 2011.

DVD with complete talk available here:

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