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Fox TV

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If I say “Liberland”, you would ask “What is it?”, right? It is a tiny country, this big, dear viewers. How tiny? It’s seven square kilometres. It means… This tiny… We are talking about a country that is slightly smaller than Beyoğlu district. But this… …small country receives record-breaking number of citizenship applications… Guess the top country that sends the highest number of citizenship applications… There is a country called Liberland… Do you know it? I guess it is free, and women there are beautiful. There is a country there, far away… It’s name is Liberland. It covers an area of 7 square kilometres. This is Liberland’s flag. Its founder is Vit Jedlicka. Jedlicka hoisted this flag on that piece of land and claimed it as his country. Then citizenship applications started to rain. The country that sent the highest number of citizenship applications is Turkey. Are you surprised? I am not surprised. These things could happen in Turkey, unfortunately. Is it true or just an interview? What are they gonna do in Liberland when they have beautiful Turkey? Do you know where Liberland is? Of course we do. Where? Isn’t it in England? No, it’s not. It is between Croatia and Serbia, on the banks of Danube river. Jedlicka is trying to found an utopia country. Liberland receives citizenship applications from countries around the world. Is freedom abound there, or is because of finances? Does the country have better, higher quality living conditions? It doesn’t have an economy yet. No economy? Perhaps they don’t use anything. Perhaps it’s not a modern country but a land of nature. There is nothing there except for trees and soil. Ah they will give land to us, land to cultivate, and next day the land will be valuable, and we’ll be rich. There is no state in the world like Turkey. Turkey is beautiful among every other. Unemployment is the biggest cause. Hardship. Turkey has a population of 75 million. The number of unemployed people is 5 million, including the desperate ones. The number of Turks who made citizenship applications to Liberland is 48.000 Turks have broken a record in sending citizenship applications to a country which they can hardly locate on the map. Would you opt for going to this new country? Why not? I would want to go, if I had the means. Memorize its name well, she is right. The country has a total population of 4-5 people. We can increase the population, reproducing. I mean slowly. The applications are made via the official website. A note to those who would like to relocate: There is currently no state in the world that recognizes Liberland. Liberland’s President has a Czech Republic passport. Even if they put me in a golden cage, I would miss my country, Turkey. Liberland. The country’s name is Liberland.

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Fox TV - Turkish Channel asks people about Liberland.

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