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A lot of times, sales executives or account executives, they want to look at information in certain way. You know, they want to be able to see, you know, accounts that meet specific criteria. And they want to be able to have those views available to them as part of the application. Now you can go in and have system administrators create system views or system dashboards that would be available to everybody or you can create kind of your own information and utilize that to really find the information that's pertinent and relevant to you. And one of the features that you can use to do that is what's called the Advanced Find. Now when you're working on kind of any record inside the application, as part of the navigation, you'll see an Advanced Find. So when you click on Advanced Find, this will open up your searching criteria. So this allows you to really determine what specific record or item you may want to work with. So for example, maybe I just want to see only the accounts in the system that have open opportunities associated with them. I could do that and save that view as part of an advanced find. So for example, in here where it says Look for, I can switch this to the account entity. And then when I switch this to the account entity, I can use preexisting filters to determine how I want to see or what types of accounts I want to see, maybe just pre-populate some of the queries. So in this case, I want to say... I want to see just Active Accounts. So it's pre-filtered to show me any accounts that have a status of active, but what I really want to see is any accounts that have open opportunities. So one of the advantages to Advanced Find is now I can come in here, and I can pick not only fields that are associated with the account entity but if I scroll down, I can also look at related fields. And so this is where I can see specific fields or other entities that might have an association with the account entity. So for example, I can go down into opportunities, and I can see any opportunities where an account is set as a potential customer. So now I want to go in, and I want to see only accounts where they are set as a potential customer for an opportunity, and I want to see only those scenarios where the opportunity has a status... Of open. So now when I go ahead and hit Results, this is only going to show me any operator or any account in the system that has open opportunities. Now it's not going to show me the opportunities per se, but it is going to show me the accounts that have open opportunities. This might be a great view that I could utilize if I wanted to maybe do a follow-up on an additional product that might be associated with the item that they're working with. So one of the advantages to this is now I can go into back to my Advanced Find, and I could do a Save As, and I could now call this "Active Accounts with Open opps." And now when I hit Save, this view now becomes a personal view that I have available just to me inside the application. So now if I were to close out of here, go into Accounts. And up where I have my views, I can scroll down, and now underneath My Views, I have this Active Accounts with Open opps. And this will now automatically, you know, refresh itself every time a new opportunity is added to a different account. This will always be the most up-to-date accounts in the system that currently have opportunities associated with it.

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