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Treasure Wars

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the great treasures of culture. The priceless jewels of civilization. And the delicate masterworks of painting. Since the dawn of civilization, artists have crafted works of beauty. And sincee the dawn of civilization, they vanished from the lands that created them. Theft of art is the second oldest proffession in the world. what they mean to steal these artifacts? To put it in their museums? Nowadays the line between what seems to be stolen or at least in the wrong place, and what is in the right place - that is not stolen, is much harder to find. Cultural treasures have been seized by plundering armies. They are smuggled for cash. We are being told that all of this stuff together is worth about 30,000 US dollars. And they are laundered through private collections across a global market. These dealers will make an awful lot of money. Now, are they good guys or bad guys? You tell me. Let`s not lose sight of the legitimacy of collecting. Let`s not llose sight of the fact that dealers care. Around the world, dealers, collectors, museum directors clash over the fate of their treasures. The museum have the view that they have been losing the debate They fare - and probably with real justification - that there is a whole series of little dominos and then some big dominos thatt could fall. New ownership claims arise on great works of art. The important thing to establish is that is an argument on both sides. Decisions must be made. But those dicisions won`t be easy. If a museum is too quick to give an object back, it can have any number of problems. There is a need and there is a great benefit to have a museum of world civilization. The value of it is in Egypt. Look in this museum. In the balance hangs the protection and preservation of the world`s greatest achievements of art and antiquities. Who wants a past? We all do. Basically it has a lot, and pearhaps totally, to do with what`s in the eye of the benholder. These are today`s treasure wars.

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Posted by: greenbo on Apr 24, 2010

Who is the rightful owner of artifacts in foreign museums?

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