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Good Evening, and welcome to today's Otaku News This is your five minute window to the Internet Today we will investigate Google Street View cars In Africa, did they really run over a donkey and flee the scene? Let's welcome media analyst Jing Ping to talk with us today Welcome, Jing Ping! Good evening Take a look These photos have really been making the rounds online Did the Google car hit this donkey? It did, look at these photos For the last two days netizens have been up in arms. But whatever the case The donkey seems to have stood up on its own and walked away unscathed We don't know if it was maybe heat stroke or dizziness But the donkey suddenly collapsed again For the Google Street View cars this was a near miss Aside from the Donkey pictures Lets also look at at these others They're also taken by Google cars... These are incredible Take a look Here in the first photo You can see a big-rig that's tipped over on the highway Its amazing that they got this on camera In the second photo We can see this small truck there is nothing abnormal about it. Except... it seems this little truck hit all of the cars around it. But, back to what we were saying The Google Streen View car It has a long pole on top But there is nothing special about the car itself It's just a normal sedan But on the roof Thre is a fixed rod And on that, there is a shperical camera Yeah, what is the ball for? The camera in the middle Is mainly meant to stay still and take pictures in front of it The other eight cameras are able to freely adjust their angles and provide the 360 degree view that you see in Street View when you are on Google The up and down movement can provide a nearly vertical, 290 degree field of vision Therefore when looking at Google Street View the feeling that you get is a lot like 3D. Yeah, I know! Also, on the front there is a SICK laser can measure distance It measures the width of the road and the distance from the car to objects up ahead This can help users online Through Google Map or Google Earth They can get clear information on their position and coordinates Actually, this Google Street View was started on May 25, 2007 When it just started the service was only available in Miami, San Francisco Las Vegas Denver, and other big cities. In the begining there were only five But, over time the service spread and gained a global online following The service even moved onto smart phones Whether they use iPhone or Android nearly everybody has Google Maps or Google Earth Countries around the world are using it! In the last few years we have seen Google's cars in Taiwan They have been everywhere, from the streets... the back alleys Right now, there are five Google cars on the island providing this service As of today, across Taiwan's 14 counties the cars have already covered about 6000 miles This is equal to driving around the island 100 times or two and a half trips around the globe So the next time you get to see the Google car might be on your street or you might see it out on the road They might even take your picture Wow! Today I'd like to thank Jing Ping for coming to the studio today and if you have any questions Leave a message on our Facebook page See you next time

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Posted by: happytranslations on May 6, 2013

The topic is Google Street View cars. Have they really been running over livestock in Africa and fleeing the scene?

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