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Welcome to Float Indigo. You are probably wondering what a float tank is and what it does. Just grab yourself one of these brochures and I'll run you through it. So basically a float tank is a tank just like this where you climb into a tank, you shut the door and you try and deprive your sensory input. So there is no light, there is no sound, there is water about 14 to 16 inches deep that's heated to the same temperature as your skin so you lose the sense of touch. And there's about 1,000 kgs or 2,000 lbs of magnesium sulphate, so you float buoyantly like the Dead Sea inside. Now there are two types of benefits that you can get from floating. There's physical and there's the mental benefits. The physical is pretty much a guarantee when you go inside the tank. What happens is about 80% people have a magnesium deficiency. So the body absorbs the magnesium through your skin during your session and replenishes your system. This helps with the whole range of benefits that you can read here, such as, improving your blood circulation, boosts your immune system, helps with muscle joint pains and aches, helps you sleep better at night. Just have a read through there and you can see what the different benefits. if it suits you. Then there is a mental aspect to it as well which is a little trickier to achieve. About 10% of people in three or four floats to be able to achieve any sort of spot in there. About 90% of people will hit a zone in there. And about 70% of people will go quite deep. Quite deep to the point where they get dream-like, trance-like hallucination state inside, really lucid sort of dreaming inside. This is caused because the right hemisphere of the brain is not getting any sensory input coming through so it slows right down. The left creative side gets a chance to flourish. So there is problem solving, creative thinking, much like a forced meditation inside the tank. And that's pretty much it in a nutshell. So prices for floating is 1 hour is 1500 baht and 90 minutes is 2,000 baht. If it's your first time, we recommend that you do the 90-minute session, but we don't hold you to that. You do whats comfortable for you. You can do 1 hour or you can do 90 minutes. Thank you.

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What to expect from a Float session.

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