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Charlie Puth The 2016 GRAMMYs Red Carpet interview billboard

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INTER: I like the glittery look tonight is very nice CHARLIE: Thank you is sound the one it’s like, you know, it’s like step up from jut playing black I wana just a little INTER: It’s appropriate sparkles for a Grammy kind of evening, I’m thinking this is the first Grammy awards for you, right? CHARLIE: It’s the first one, were I’m nominated for three times, that give me the chills deem INTER: No pressure, you’re fine you’ll be grate CHARLIE: I’m so happy just to be nominated, what did we win or not tonight is just really just incredible to be nominated. INTER: What will happened if did you win? CHARLIE: That a completely different story, I will probably, you know, ran around naked in the shots of Marmonts screaming the lyrics to See you again probably something crazy like that, but INTER: Give us a little beat of warming we can be over the camera CHARLIE: Right, world start. Billboard INTER: Yeah, well we would keep it classy though, keep a classy CHARLIE: Keep a classy, if you put a nice black bar. What were we talking about? INTER: I don’t know this is what it happens when you talk at you dude CHARLIE: This is what happens why because we’re buds we know each other at this point so were super confi with each other, honestly all jokes aside is such an honor to be here, I brought my mum as my date, cause, she is behind in somewhere cause I brought her in like tree interviews already but it’s all good INTER: Last time we talk was all was a while back but now your album Is actually out Nine Track Mind, is out it’s out on the world, has It feel the finally have that full-length album out. CHARLIE: So good man it’s just I probably listen to it more than anybody. I just love listening to the completed work, this productions came live of my laptop, by made this beat, and wrote this songs and now you know the hole world hears them I, I was playing in a private event last night and One call away is the dudes proposal song so this is really heartwarming yeah. INTER: It’s good news. It’s only get bigger and bigger dude it’s just gonna get carzy and so try to try to maintain a sense of composure How do you stay grounded by the way? CHARLIE: Well I keep my family around, the minute I start to be a little hot-headed which is never but if I little, you know worke it’s ugly head out my mum would be like get away, none of that. INTER: Tonight Adele is performing you might have heard CHARLIE: Adele yeah, I may afraid, She's, I know she is gonna give me chills I wana know what she is performing now. She performing “All I ask” is my favorite Adele song right now. INTER: What is about her cause I mean everyone is fan, I’m a fan about the album me and eight million other people, dude a mean can you put your finger what it is about her that make’s everyone just go crazy and lose her minds? CHARLIE: I think initially when she first start at pop it was like the relativity it’s like she is not the most like, you know, it’s not like a Barbie’s stick figure doll like that’s what got people you know, talk about her initially them people from now when to the musically factor which is what they really should be focusing on. And just, her voice is so like unique and full and people, but is not like so overwarmingly grate where people can’t sing along to it, it’s like, you know, comparably like Whitney in a way were. She can do whatever she want with her voice, all the runs on the world, and Adele can do but people can’t still sing along to in their cars, so I think that’s kind of the secret to it. INTER: I kept you for way too long but thank you so much sir good luck tonight, I seen you.

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