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Joanna Macy – Moral imagination

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global oneness project Moral Imagination In the world that we're creating, in The Great Turning, I can't think of anything more important than imagination; Joanna Macy - San Francisco, California - Eco-philosopher and Activist being able to see what isn't there yet. Actually, being able to see what is there because there are conditions going on right now that are so horrific it needs a quality of imagination to see what's here now. Imagining the real and imagining the beauty that is here right now, the nobility in the people that we encounter and see on the street. This is a spiritual practice that you can develop to be able to see your brothers and sisters in their exquisite, precious humanity and to see each one as having part of this solution. And, of course, moral imagination and seeing what wants to come because you can't create anything until you've been able to hold it in your mind, you know. Stories, dreams are so important. Pull the kids away from that rearview mirror of the television set. Let's have some of the good old stories that nurture our capacity to imagine. I think that I have found in the work that I do that a sense of the future ones, the coming generations, the reality of their claim on life can be an enormous inspiration to us. It has been so for me. I imagine them. The work I do around radioactive waste and containing contamination is for them. And so working for them, they enter my imagination and they become so real for me--very real. They're funny, they have things to say, they keep me at it, they keep me from being too serious, and so all the way along, imagination is absolutely essential. Essential to our courage, essential to our passion, essential to our creativity. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance

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Posted by: global on Nov 12, 2009

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