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How To Get Thousands Of Targeted Twitter Followers For Free

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Hey guys , Justin Bryant here from I'm gonna teach you a lot about how to grow your Twitter following, not only grow it, but get targeted followers that are interested in buying your stuff. I'm gonna actually teach you how to do free strategies instead of making you have to worry about your budget, advertising and things like that. So if you're on a budget, you wanna get some Twitter followers that are targeted, you wanna get thousands of them and you wanna get them quickly, you're gonna wanna watch this video, so you might wanna take some notes alright? So let's go ahead and dive right in. First off, you can follow people. There are tools you can use to find people that are in your niche. So let's say you're in marketing, if you're in marketing, there's all kind of people you can follow that are also experts in marketing and have large followings. People like Neil Carter, people like Frank Kern, people like Ryan Deiss of Digital Marketer, people like John Chow, people like that are very big in the marketing space, you can also follow websites even like, or businessinsighter, or even searchenginewatch or searchenginejournal or mars, I could go on forever telling you people that you can follow, and people that follow those brands are interested in that kind of stuff, so that tells you right there that if they're interested in that, then they might be interested in your brand. So what you do is you follow those big brands' followers. Now you can follow up to 2000 people without limits. But after that, you can't follow more than 10% more of the amount of followers you have. So don't follow much more than are following you. You can't have 10,000 people that you're following and have 1000 followers. It doesn't work like that. Twitter is gonna see you as a spammer. So make sure that you use the tool I'm about to show you for doing this and it'll be a lot easier. Also don't bulk follow or unfollow people all in one day. Spread it out so you don't get seen as someone who's churning or spamming or trying to manipulate your account in a wrong way. Cause then you'll get suspended on Twitter. So here's a tool I recommend you use called tweepi and you can go and make a free account or you can get a paid account, whichever you want fits your need better but like I said, I'm gonna teach you low cost free strategies and what you can do is you can go here, make a free account, you can follow, you can start working up people that are in your niche, that are big brands on Twitter. Follow their followers, pretty quickly, it's all kind of laid out for you in a much better way than if you did try and go in your Twitter website and actually do it one by one on there. It's a lot faster if you do it with tweepi and after you do that, you can also After you've done that awhile and you've got a lot of followers, only about 20%, maybe 15% will follow you back. So you're gonna have a lot of followers or you're gonna have a lot of people that are not following you back, that you're following. As your count grows, like I told you the limits, that can be a problem, so what you do is flush the non-followers, as you can see here on this homepage here, it says flush the unfollowers. So what that means is you can, it will actually automatically tell you who you're following that is not following you back. So then you can go through and unfollow those people. Keep the people that follow you back and then go follow new people that could be interested in your brand. So that's the best way to get targeted followers without doing things the hard way. That's the fastest and that's the free way to do that. Hashtags. You can post stuff, I recommend you do 1 or 2 of these a day. Just posting popular hashtags. You need to find the most popular hashtags in your niche, You don't wanna start just posting random stuff all the time. Keep them related to what you're talking about the most on your Twitter account. Remember this is for business that we're talking about and make sure they're trending or very popular at the time. And the way to figure that out is using You can go there you'll see trending hashtags, it will allow you to see what's doing good, what's doing bad and things like that. You can also search for different hashtags up here and you can go by categories like business or entertainment over here if you want. Depending on what niche you're in. So that way you can categorize them, see what's popular and then take advantage of that for your account and you'll get more people seeing your tweets and if they're good, they'll follow you. And that means they're probably interested in your brand. Next thing to do is if you have a blog, you need to have a blog widget if you want to grow your Twitter as fast as possible. So it will work something like this. It's just a plugin. If you use Wordpress, if you have a blog and it's decent, then you're probably using Wordpress. I wouldn't recommend using Blogger or some kind of like free blog cause you don't have that many options. But if you have a Wordpress blog, get one of these Twitter follow widgets. It will tell them how many followers you have. People like to know they're not the only ones doing something. So when it tells them that you have thousands of followers, that means this person is probably pretty popular and they probably know what they're talking about. So I'm gonna go ahead and follow them. And it even shows you the faces of some of your followers. So they can tell it's a real account. Also, if your blog is growing or you already have a good following, then it will give you a lot of extra followers without having to do anything on your actual Twitter account. You also want to post multiple times per day. One mistake I used to make before I started reading about social media and studying the people that were getting the most out of it, is I would post like one post per day. And it would be like sharing my blog post or sharing a video or something. And that would be the only thing I did. We have thousands of Twitter followers and they're following a bunch of people and a lot of people are following hundreds or thousands of people, and they've all these live feed updates all day long with new Tweets. So there's no way they can see all of them if you just post once or twice a day. So I recommend you find the good tool that you like to use like Buffer, Hootsuite or if you have a Wordpress blog, I recommend Revive Old post as a plugin and you can automate your Tweets to where you can post every hour, every 30 minutes, every 2 hours, whatever, I recommend every hour or so at least. That way you'll be showing up in feeds a whole lot more. And the more engagement, the more retweets, the more things like that that will happen, the more you take advantage of that following, that way you get more retweets, you get more favourites, more people are exposed to your account, more people are going to your links because they're seeing them, they look interesting, and one guy that does a really good job on this is the man named Jeff Bullas. He's a very good social media marketer. I actually learnt a lot from him starting out. With 150,000 people he's following, he's obviously taking advantage of the follow and they'll follow back strategy and he has 305,000 followers. So with that many followers, he's posting from what I can tell every 15 minutes now. I've seen him change a few times from maybe every hour, maybe every 30 minutes, but it looks to me like he's doing every 15 minutes now which is a lot. You might think that's too spammy, that makes no sense, but this guy is proof that you can post a lot throughout the day and still get good engagement. You see favourite here, retweets here, retweets and favourites here. A lot of engagement on this one and this one, and he's doing a good job, he gets probably more Twitter traffic than just about anybody does to his business based blog. I used a lot of the same techniques. Do I post every 15 minutes? No. I post about every hour, every 30 minutes, depending on testing number things like that, whatever is doing better for my traffic, I do that. But I recommend you just use a good tool and you also use hashtags and these tweets, have a tool that allows you to use hashtags with it and then you'll get a lot more traffic to your blog and website. Use images and videos. I also recommend doing that, because it stands out in the feed. When you have such a busy feed like you do on Twitter, or people are just posting every couple minutes, images and videos always stand out and Twitter makes it really, it really expands it in your feeds. So there's really no way you can miss a picture or video that shows up in your feed. It makes people more likely to share it, more likely to see it, more likely to retweet it, more likely to favourite it which allows their following to see it and eventually follow you. Okay so grow your brand. So here's a picture I did. You can see how big the post is, obviously I expanded the post, but when you hide it, it still shows about half of it like that. So it's still very large post in the feed. Instead of just text in a wink as you saw before. That's about how big it is in your feed. It doesn't really stand out. But when you have a big picture like this, the first half of it, it really stands out. Also you wanna keep existing followers around, this is the last thing you need to make sure you do. I mean, if you're posting good valuable stuff, 80% of the time and only post like business-related sales-related, stuff like that, 20% of the time you're doing a good job. Mix it up, use pictures, use videos, use winks, use quotes things like that and it will keeps things kind of fresh and people will be keep wanting to know what you're gonna tweet next. Another thing you can do as you saw Jeff Buller do, he follows people back that follows him. But he doesn't follow everyone back cause you can see that he has twice as many followers as he does people he's following. So he probably just mostly follows people that are a little bit more interesting, real accounts, people that have a full profile with a picture of themselves and everything. I don't usually follow people back that just have that stalk twitter image that you don't know what they look like. You don't know where they are, where they from. They don't know what they do. They don't have anything on their bio or anything. I tend to not follow those people cause I don't know if they're just spamming or they're just fake people or what. So if you find people are interesting that follow you first. Follow them back and it will keep them around a long time. Alright so that's about it as far as growing a targeted Twitter following without paying money or doing paid advertising things like that. So really you can grow as much as you want just using those strategies without ever having to blow any money on ads so it's a lot easier I would say than building like a Facebook page following. Take advantage of Twitter if you post a lot per day, you'll get a lot of traffic from it like I do, like Jeff Buller does and other people. Find a good tool, follow people that seem like they'd be interested in your brand that will follow you back. Just do what I teach you to do in this video and you'll get really far. You'll make a lot of big things happen with your Twitter account. You'll have a lot of targeted followers that'll be interested in your stuff alright. So I'll see you in the next video. Don't forget to like, subscribe and leave a comment if you got value from this video and you wanna see more stuff like it. I'll have more videos coming your way and don't forget to check yourself at and pick up one of our free courses cause then that will allow you to take your business to the next level. I will see you in the next video. This is Justin Brayant from and I hope you have a great day.

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