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TLE Class 2 : soul vs body

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Are the demands full? Now we can understand moksha. How we can be up there for 40 days and 40 nights in that drink. Now we understand the why. Because the body needs to say now listen: Are you getting some ideas that there is a light force around? You're getting some ideas? Some crazy ideas there is light around? That's all the nutrients and that I'm only a concealment? You mean, you're trying to get an idea that there's a soul in you? Getting some ideas? Go ahead, let me see how long you can exist. Ok? If you say just a soul, a soul doesn't eat, A soul doesn't eat, so let me see how long you'll get along without eating. So the body is there for one purpose. Without a doubt. Absolutely. Now we can understand that moksha reaches that idea, when the body starts saying: Listen, moksha! You know? You think you're here by yourself with a soul, And you're trying to forget me. I'm telling you, I've got pains of hunger. And we feel the pains of hunger, cause the soul is connected by nefesh. (...) The soul can perceive, although it shouldn't, because there are 2 different entities: One is metaphysical, one is physical. Why? But the soul perceives the pain! Right? And the soul maybe even wants to help out after all, it feels pain. This is, you see, "I feel pain". Soul. You're going to let me go on like this? You're not going to drive the body through? Cause the body, can the body go to the grocery store and buy anything? If the mind or the soul doesn't tell the body to go to the grocery store, And buy an apple, he won't go! So the body needs the soul. And it's only purpose is To show the soul : " Don't think you are the modhu". You know, that is full with essence. I can be the essence, you see, you can't get along without me? See, you can't get along without me? Try to go to the grocery store and everything would be complete. Go to the grocery store without me! The answer is: Moksha went to the grocery store without going to the grocery store. To give you the idea, that's how we lived up there for 40 days and 40 nights. Because he overcame the body. That's why this guy, this Kabbalist could look at the sugar... What's sweet? In light, is like the mana! It has everything in it! Whatever you want, the light gives you whatever you want! Whatever you want! That doesn't mean whatever you want is what you need. That's another category. But it will give you whatever you want. But along comes the physical reality, allusionary reality We call it even allusion, but what kind of allusion that is, That after 3 days, I mean, you say you'll die. Right? If you don't eat, everyone dies. What's happening in Ethiopia, in Sudan, The people don't eat. What happens to them? They die! So you read the newspapers, Are you going to say now: From now on I'm not gonna eat! Why are we eating?

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soul vs body

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