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Out On A Limb - Part 15/24 - 1986 - Shirley MacLaine

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Bella is never gonna believe this, David. A government sign? I hardly dare believe what else you see up here.... Yeap! When you're gonna tell me? When it's time! Can I take a picture? Would they mind? It's not their favorite thing! If.......????? What's wrong? It's the lack of oxygen. We're about 90 billion feet up! I know the carburetor is gonna gas. OK! What do we do? Will just have to sit and wait. It will start again soon. Ok! Wait a minute! Come on, I wanna show you something. A lot of those big white bus are going...???? see? What happened to the people inside? It's life, that's all....and death! But then, nobody really dies anyway.... But, David? ......."But David" what? No....there aren't any accidents. But you sound so detached.... And what should I be? Mad and upset? How about sorry?....a bit empathetic..... I am sorry! I am sorry! But I know that every person on that bus had a reason for being there. Yeah, to get to Lima..... No, no, no, no, no! There aren't any victims in this world! Everything that happens, happens for A reason! I'm not sure I like what you're saying at all.... Well, when you come up with a better explanation, you tell me. See? I thought this engine was dead. But it has another life! Tell that to the people on the bus! I don't think I need to. I think they've heard it already! This all thing scares me, David! It really does.... Why? I don't know! It just scares me! I'm used to be afraid ???of death, you know? And most people are! Maybe you recognize that there's a higher harmony going on..... You wouldn't get angry with death. You wouldn't feel the need to control can relax.... You realize that everything is happening at the right time and in the right place! You're telling me those people wanted to die? No...I'm telling you that those people didn't die! And that's the whole point! You're a nice person! So are you! Well, this is it! What is it? This! This where we're gonna stay! Where? There! This our hotel! You're kidding me! No! Come on! Hola! Hola Llama, como se llama? Buenas tardes!.....Buenas tardes y Bienvenidos! Me recuerda? (do you remember me?) Si, señor! Como está? Está bien?......Si, gracias! Bueno....mi amiga..... Shirley!.....Hola! Buenas tardes! How do you do? Bueno! Is this it? This is it! May not look like much but it's own.???? Yeah, you've got a great imagination. Yeah.......Here's your closet. If you're gonna unpack your things, you better do it now before the sun goes down, because when it does....this place turns into an ice....??? I'll be right next door. Where's the hot water? There's a mineral bath down by the river.... we'll warm up down there. We will? Yeah! You'll love it! It's my hot tub in the Andes. I must have done something in one of my past lives to deserve this. It's not too far; it's right down there by the river. Careful! Come on! It may not look like much, but wait til you see what's inside. Careful! Somebody here? Nobody here! This is one of the famous mineral bath in the Andes. Will be great for your muscles. Oh, I'd rather be in Philadelphia. Bubbling. How come? The mineral is making bubble. People with sore ...???used to find their relief by this water. Where's this water come from? Springs??? directly by mountain streams. Oh, God! So I'm supposed to get in there and be warm and get out and freeze my ......?.right? Well, you'll be cold as hell at first, but then you'll be better than if you've never done it. How is this suppose to work? Oh, jump in and I'll...leave and then you'll howl and I'll come .....catapulting in. Close the door!

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Duration: 7 minutes and 54 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Stan Margulies
Director: Robert Butler
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Out on a Limb was an autobiographical book written by Shirley MacLaine in 1983 and adapted for television in 1986. The ABC Television miniseries starred Shirley MacLaine (playing herself), John Heard as "David Manning", and Charles Dance as "Gerry Stamford ". It details MacLaine's journeys through new-age spirituality. We follow MacLaine from California to various locations including New York and Europe, culminating in a life-changing trip to the Andes mountains in Peru. Central characters include "David" who is, according to MacLaine herself, a composite character, "Gerry Stamford", a married man and member of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom, with whom MacLaine was having an affair, and real-life close friend and politician, Bella Abzug (played by Anne Jackson).

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